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Gives your Shepard Renegade scars of any stage even if your Shepard is a Paragon.

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There is a legit way to remove all your scars while being a Renegade, but what if you want to be a Paragon and keep the scars? This mod can help.

How to install this mod
There are four versions of Coalesced file included for stages 2—5 of scarring. Just place Coalesced file of your choice into folder:
\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME2\BioGame\CookedPCConsole\
\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME3\BioGame\CookedPCConsole\
Don't forget to backup the original file!

Compatibility with other mods
This mod is based on old instructions for original ME2, How to edit Coalesced manual (for modding ME2LE), and Wench Coalesced editor (for modding ME3LE). No changes other than scars appearance were made to the original Coalesced files.
This mod is obviously not gonna work with other mods that use modified Coalesced*.bin files. But you can modify Coalesced files from other mods yourself using materials and tools I linked above.

How to fix eyes not glowing in ME3LE
In ME3LE with stages 4-5 scars, Shepard's eyes only glow when using default appearance. To fix eyes glowing on your custom Shepard, use Save editor to add scalar parameter "Emis_scalar" to your head morph and set it to 1.000 (or higher if you want some crazy glow).
The fix was found by user scareon (check out this discussion and his mod).

Alternative mods and glowing eyes customization
Here's an alternative mod that gives you different combinations of scars and eyes: Glowing Eyes and Scars combinations by NotMarki. For example, you can have no scars but glowing eyes.

To change eyes glow color, use Save editor and add vector parameter "Emis_color" to your head morph (again, thank scareon for this information).

If you want to get Illusive Man's eyes, check out this post.