Mass Effect Andromeda
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Removes “Item Pickup” menu window while looting

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Let's try to answer to yourself one simple question:

"How often do you use “ITEM PICKUP” menu for its intended purpose, meaning sorting dropped items and choosing what is most valuable?"
If your answer is "never" or "extremely rare", and you're bored with constantly clicking "TAKE ALL"  button each time you loot, this mod is for you.



  • the mod removes “Item Pickup” menu window popping up while looting
  • the lines describing all types of picked up items will keep shown on the screen
  • all items picked up from the object will be automatically moved into the inventory


There are few versions at your choice

  • only containers (custom, salvage, hidden cache, mining supplies, etc.)
  • only corpses (ketts, outlaws, remnant units, wild animals)
  • all in one


To install use Frosty Mod Manager
  • detailed installation guide for Frosty mods:

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Many thanks to community
Many thanks to Frosty Development Team
Many thanks to BioWare

Take care and enjoy!