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The Electrical Conduit Augment behaves as stated in its description and applies the base weapons damage per second instead of a fixed value.

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Electrical Conduit Behaviour Alignment Mod

The Electrical Conduit weapon augment seems to be more situational than it is intended.
Not only does the augment since patch 6 or so no longer behave as advertised, always firing the electrical stream even with non-automatic weapons. Worse, it actually does not stop firing those weapons until the magazine is empty.
So only automatic weapons seem viable for the augment, which in theory could greatly benefit sniper or marksman rifles with dedicated anti-shield capabilities.

The effects of this mod are two fold.
  1. Weapons augmented with the electrical conduit (EC) behave as stated in the EC description.I.e., automatic weapons fire a short range beam, while non-automatic weapons fire projectiles with the anti shield effect. Contrary to normally, burst fire weapons will stop firing mid-burst when the fire-button is released.
  2. Instead of the beam making a fixed 46,8 damage per hit, independent of the weapon used to fire it, it now calculates the damage similar to how the beam augment does. Weapons EC beam damage depends on its actual damage, fire rate and pellet count. The final damage per second when using EC augmented weapons against health is similar* as if the weapon was not augmented.

The second point means that certain weapons like the Avenger and Tempest 'loose' damage when using this mod compared to without, while others like the Soned and Piranha gain massive
amounts of damage.
*The vanilla impact asset actually applies only 2/3rd of the weapon's damage when not using Disruptor Ammo. There is an optional file uploaded here which applies the full damage. This has also been altered in my Andromeda Firearms Rebalanced mod, which applies different anti-shield and -amour bonuses.

As before, it is possible to use fire type augments with the EC to alter the guns behaviour from pellet to beam firing (auto fire-mode augment) or vice versa (either single or burst fire augments).

Due to the way and place where the fire function is overwritten, drawing an EC augmented non-automatic weapon with the 'fire'-function will shoot that weapon while it is still holstered. To my knowledge there is no way to remedy that (except using the 'aim' function to draw, and only then fire).

The Frosty Project file is included in the download.