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Improved and Alternate Kits change the way some kits are played for multiplayer.

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Improved and Alternate Kits change the way some kits are played either drastically or minimally. To me, some kits were just a bore to play on because of that one "useless" power that they had, or two. Hopefully, for the Improved series of this mod, it aims to bring better satisfaction for these kits, especially on higher difficulties. The Alternate Kits series overhauls existing kits to make new ones, because why not. Ever wondered what a Turian vanguard would be like, or an Asari engineer? Well, you're in luck. 

I would advise playing my mods on PRIVATE lobbies.

More detailed changes listed here.

Get the Frosty Mod Manager and do the setup process
Import the mod that you would like to install (if there are multiple mods of the same character, only enable one at a time)
Double click to enable it (and make sure it's checkmarked)
Press launch and enjoy!

*Note you will still need to open the game through the mod manager to keep the mods enabled, otherwise Andromeda will run on vanilla.

Simply uncheck any mod from the load order or remove the mod from the mod manager.

Turian Sentinel Revised and Improved Havoc (with Helmet) are incompatible with ME:A Ultimate Total Conversion for MP.

Special thanks to RemnantVI for helping me understand how to mod Andromeda and letting me use some of his assets.


- Added Improved Salarian Infiltrator, Improved Architect, Remnant Electrical Primer, and Reverted Hack Objective; updated Improved Huntress, Alternative Human Engineer, and Artificier. (1/19/19)

- Added Asari Valkyrie, Batarian Pyro, and UBPD (11/2/18)

- Added Improved Vanguard (3/02/18)

- Updated Armor Changes (2/18/18)

- Added Improved Insurgent and Improved Gladiator (1/15/18)

- Added optional armor files (12/07/17)

- Added Improved Human Adept, Asari Sentinel, Improved Guardian, Improved Commando (A/B); Updated Improved Duelist, Kineticist, Artificer, Salarian Adept, Alt. Human Engineer, Turian Havoc, Turian Sentinel Revised, Salarian Adept and Batarian Vanguard (11/24/17)

- Added Turian Saboteur, Turian Sentinel, Salarian Adept, Juggernaut Monster (11/07/17)

- Added Improved Agent (10/28/17)

- Initial release (10/22/17)