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Balanced all powers by Increasing damage, force, and radius of almost all powers and passives.

Permissions and credits
Powers Boosted/Balanced 1.05
For Patch 1.10

NEW Version Released, see "Update" section for details. 

What does this mod do?

From pretty early on, powers start to feel pretty weak. Enemies scale poorly in MEA by increasing their health too much and that makes your stats and skills seem to do little damage, especially at later levels where it takes multiple clips to take down 1 small enemy. The main issue is,  enemies continue getting harder to kill well after you have run out of skills to put points into... This mod aims to change that by boosting powers/passives and tries to make them become more balanced, meaning more  powerful, efficient and useful. It does not aim to make you OP or godly. This mod took a long time to make and I hope it helps others in making their game more fun by making enemies less bullet/power spongy.  

Warning: this mod probably affects Multiplayer(not tested yet). Please disable in frosty mod manager before playing Multiplayer just to be safe. 

In addition to all powers stats(Power damage, force, radius, etc) being directly increased, passive stats were increased as well.

 All Passive  skills and powers that are increased by spending points into a tree are done so by a initial  scaling percentage number  which happens to be the number (2)
Each skill  that scales this way has a multiplier value associated with that skill. 

By default, these values are:

0.075% per skill point spent
0.150% per skill point spent (Example : offensive biotics rank 1, 2, and 3 uses this) 
0.225% per skill point spent

These were increased to:

0.100% per skill point spent
0.200% per skill point spent
0.275% per skill point spent

Also. Some passive  skills have a defined amount given by developers to make assigning amounts easier i guess. 
If a skill used a value of statbonus_passives_10pct, then it would translate to 10% in game.  pct = %

Default values are :


These were increased to :


The devs  also used these  values  for actual powers, instead of manually inputting a percentage number (like "50%"). default values for skills are :

Statbonus_powers_10pct  (Example : Energy drain rank 2 uses this one)

These were increased to 


As you can see, I tried not to cross the line between balanced to overpowered.

I also slightly increased the base stats of almost all powers themselves when I was able to just use a number (such as force = 200 as opposed to the above formula). Some powers did not see much of an increase, an example of  such is tactical cloak. I felt that tactical cloak is pretty OP as it is and does not need much of a boost. 

 Using Frosty Tools Mod Manager, this mod can be easily installed, enabled, and disabled in as little as a minute. I recommend you try this mod for some time and if you enjoy this mod, keep using it and maybe endorse it :)

Update 7/10 Version 1.05 released

Somehow the passive scaling was not in version 1.04. Sorry about this. If anyone used the mod before version 1.05  and didn't see a big difference, try it now. With passive scaling increased, all skills will do noticeably more damage. This is the way it should have been. 

How to install.

You need Frosty Toolsuite (Specifically Frosty Mod Manager from  Frosty Tool Suite) to install this mod.

Extract the rar archive,   load up Frosty Mod Manager and click on the "Import Mod" button. Select the fbmod file you extracted and then enable it  in the mod manager window and launch the game with the "launch" button in Frosty mod manager to apply the mod.  Applying the mod with Mod Manager must be done each time you wish to use this and other fbmod files.

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Credits :

Ehamloptiran (GalaxyMan) for the amazing Frosty Tool Suite

WaveBend for helping me learn the ropes