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Increases all offensive and defensive passive powers and special skills of all squadmates to better fit each character. Now your teammates will actually do some damage and not die as much! Works with 1.10

Permissions and credits
Better Squadmates
Version 1.02 For MEA patch 1.10

What does this mod do?

Do you ever feel like Drack isn't doing enough damage even with his skills maxed? Or maybe you feel like your squad is dying too often? Look no more! 

This mod Increases damage output(both power and weapon damage) and defense of all squadmates   by increasing their offensive and defensive stats so they perform the way  they should in battle; by doing more damage  and dying less. Some skills, mainly their "special" skills were directly increased as well.

By default, In MEA your squad feels weak and unbalanced. Drack should deal more melee damage than Liam. Drack should also have much more defense than everyone else since he is a Krogan, so his defense was increased more than the other squadmates. Cora's main "Flair" of her character is her  special ability to charge, so her charge radius was increased along with its Damage and Force. This is the gist of the mod. In default state, your squad  merely tickles  enemies and this mod aims to change that to what you would expect of a Battle Hardened Krogan or an Asari Commando.  

The average increase is about 120%  more power damage, weapon damage, and 120% more resistance  across the board than vanilla stats. Some skills like Drack's Flak cannon and Cora's Charge skill saw an increase in radius and damage as well. Each squadmate received a boost in their pertinent stats that go with their specials. Some are more than 100%, Some are less. It depends on the character.  I wanted the characters to feel unique and powerful  in their own  way. Increasing  passive stats of a character consequently increases all damage output of that character (even for skills on that character I did not touch) so that's why I did not increase the damage of all their skills(besides the signature ones). It would make your squadmates too overpowered and kill things too quickly. 

I am just uploading this here for anyone who is instereted. I know there is a mod out there that does a similiar thing but it was too much of an increase for my liking and made the  squad mates kill things  before you had a chance to. My mod balances the squadmates out according to their individual strengths. 

Also, For anyone that is interested, I mainly play on Hardcore and sometimes Insanity(for a much greater challenge) and the enemies do not feel too bullet spongey or too easy to kill on Hardcore so that is the mode I recommend you try it on first. It took a while to get the numbers right for all the stats but I will probably release updates as i playtest more.   

How to install.

This mod and any other Frosty mods are very easy to install. All you need is Frosty Toolsuite (Specifically Frosty Mod Manager from the tool suite) to install this mod. After you set up Frosty Mod manager, all you have to do is;

  •  Extract the rar archive (both .fbmod and .archive files) and load up Frosty Mod Manager.
  •  Click on the "Import Mod" button, find and select the .fbmod file you extracted.
  •  In Frosty Mod Manager, select the BetterSquad.fbmod file in the available mods window and double click it to enable it. Look at the applied mods window on the right to make sure the mod is applied (box is checked). Frosty Mod Manager will load  any mods with a checked box  next time you click the "Launch" button
  •  Launch the game with the "launch" button in Frosty mod manager to apply the mod.

Frosty Mod Manager must be loaded  before starting the game each time  you wish to use this and any other frosty mods.

More Info

Not all skill stats were able to be changed nor did I think all stats should be changed. I wanted a more balanced gameplay style, not an OP play style where all squadmates one shot everyone.  If you look at the affected files in the description of Frosty Mod Manager and see that I did not edit some stats, it's either because I did not want to, because I did not think the skill needed adjustment,  or I just was not able to. The good thing about changing passives is that it changes the output of all skills and effects for your squadmate. I made sure to keep it balanced though. 

For those wondering where Balanced Melee and Balanced Guns went, read below. 

Balanced Melee Weapons
now has its own mod page 

Balanced Guns has its own mod page.

Please download those mods at their respective pages  so i can focus this page on Better Squad. Thanks!

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Credits :

Ehamloptiran (GalaxyMan) for the amazing Frosty Tool Suite