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  1. Forkinator
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    With this mod, I recommend playing on Hardcore. Insanity if you feel a little crazy. If you pair this with my better guns, better melee, and powers boosted/balanced, I think insanity will be a better playstyle. It's up to you how difficult or easy you want the game to be. I just feel that the game is most balanced with Better Squad on Hardcore while playing Insanity gives much more of a challenge due to the amount of damage enemies deal. Better Squad will probably see tweaks here and there and i will mention any further tweaks from the current stats in a changelog if they occur. If you notice something is off, let me know.


    Updated Better Guns(Now called Balanced Weapons) to 1.03 and moved it to its own mod page. See description for details.


    Updated Better Squad to 1.02. Lots of balancing done. See changelog for details.
  2. Rambo1988
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    PLISSS NEW UPDATE !!! new Patch! cool modhave someone do the updates Mod Manager v1.0.5.9
  3. Biogenesis
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    Not accusing, just trying to figure a bug out: is this mod, by any chance, have anything to do with peebee and liam having invisible weapons (actually, no weapons, there is no model showing up and they dont fire).
  4. joeylolz
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    Unfortunately your awesome mod and Power Overhaul don't mix well. Frosty prefers your modifications over Overhaul and so a lot of variables are screwed up. Can I resolve this by uninstalling both mods and then install yours? Cheers!
  5. LonghornRed
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    Can't use the mod. Frosty says it was designed for a different patch version even though I downloaded MEA, Frosty and the mod last night...which seems to be the trend for A LOT of mods I've tried now.
    1. Lasko38
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      same here
    2. Mycenia
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      Just throwing this out there for anyone to see. Frosty will always warn you if a mods was made for older patch version. It doesn't mean the mod won't work, it is just letting you know that there *may* be issues. Most mods will be just fine.
  6. minedcheetah0
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    frosty mod manger says this mod is outdated and may not work
  7. ginosalieri
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    Endorse this mod god work
  8. raggibear
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    One of the essential mods here for MEA if you want to up the ante on the combat. Fully agree with the developer that it is best used on Hardcore. Makes every combat more engaging in my opinion, especially if you're using a vanguard build. You can focus down on enemies without having to worry too much on the AI team since they can somewhat hold their own ground. It's also a good safety or reassurance knowing that you can execute more commands with your AI in terms of flanking or being a front-line on the enemies especially on Insanity. Currently working with MEA v1.10 and Frosty Mod Manager
    1. Great Sephiroth
      Great Sephiroth
      • member
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      What do you mean by more engaging? Combat on insanity feels really easy once you get your skills rolling, buffing squad would only make it even easier unless some scaling for enemies is added to make up for squad being competent.
  9. Great Sephiroth
    Great Sephiroth
    • member
    • 863 posts
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    Be nice if someone figured out how to add weapons to squadmates. Ridiculous how you can carry 4, and your squad each has just 1 weapon, some of whom their 1 weapon is a pretty bad one at that. I'm thinking everyone who doesn't have an assault rifle, needs one as their second weapon, and the ones that do needs an smg or shotgun added. So much lazy dying bioware with this one. No wonder anthem was a flop.
  10. attila79
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  11. wamlaw
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    Hey buddy,

    that mod works and its awesome! Seems like I dont need anything to do anymore as my squad is taking the hard work ;-)

    Nice job. Thanks!