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The Unofficial Mass Effect 3 Patch (UME3P) introduces a large amount of bug fixes, polish and visual corrections for the entire game. It also backports changes from the Legendary Edition, helps integrate DLC, and restores cut content in a careful and selective manner.

Permissions and credits
Dear Bioware,

You never had the opportunity to finish Mass Effect 3.

So I did it for you.


Watch the Launch Trailer below and get a glimpse of what the Unofficial Patch offers, including some examples of the Level of Detail Module!

Featured in DSOGaming!TechRadar, and GamePressure!

Pairs beautifully with Enhanced DLC Integration.

Learn more about my goal and mission for Mass Effect 3
If you'd like to support me, you can donate to PayPal at [email protected]

Designed as a spiritual successor to ME3Recalibrated, UME3P introduces a large amount of bug fixes and visual corrections for the entire game. It also backports changes from the Legendary Edition in order to update the game, introduces soft DLC integration, and restores cut content in a careful and selective manner.

Existing content was also polished when necessary, in order to improve QoL, provide a smoother experience, and correct minor missteps in programming or design.

UME3P was built to be a standalone mod, and does not rely or tie itself to other mods, including my own.

Major Features:

Bug Fixes: For now, UME3P fixes over 100 bugs across the entire game.
The full list can be found here

Visual Corrections: The Level of Detail Module (LOD Mod) frees Mass Effect 3 from its last-gen limitations, bringing unprecedented visual details to each of the game's areas. Levels are no longer cut into small separated bits, but are instead a single cohesive whole. On top of that, LOD Mod introduces dozens of hand-made corrections to various levels for the purpose of fixing clipping issues, geometrical errors, engine voids, map holes, or consistency problems.
A showcase of some LOD Mod changes can be seen here, or in the Videos section.

Cut Content Restoration: A huge amount of cut content has been restored. This ranges from minor gameplay moments up to entirely new cutscenes. There is zero fan-fiction, and every restoration feels completely authentic, so you will never able to tell the difference between original and restored content.
You can see examples here, here and here.

Minor Features:

Additional Polish: In order to provide a better and smoother experience, the Unofficial Patch introduces tons of Quality of Life improvements, minor tweaks and enhancements where necessary. Examples can be found on Tuchanka, Rannoch and the Kai Leng's AI during his two boss fights.
Soft DLC Integration: In DLC content, enemy types will not appear unless they were first introduced in their respective story mission. This ensures story continuity while still allowing the player to start any DLC whenever they want. Dialogue with Vendetta has also been slightly modified in case you finished Leviathan first.
Legendary Edition Backports: Ending requirements, Tali's photo, as well as the ending of Omega DLC have all been updated to match the Legendary Edition.


If you're a new user, or don't have much experience installing mods, I strongly encourage you to use The Orikon Collection.

For existing users, Mod Manager is a great option.

For compatibility with other mods, please use the installer provided under Optional Files. Note that it does not contain the mod itself, only patches for other mods. Therefore, you should use it after you have installed UMEP and whatever mod needs to be patched.

The aforementioned installer is not for Mod Manager. Instead, just double click it, and let it do its job.


UMEP is incompatible with the following mods:

  • Project Variety
  • Expanded Galaxy Mod
  • Any mod that requires the above mentioned mods

UMEP is mostly compatible with all other mods, either natively or via an existing patch. Due to its low mount priority (i.e. "load order"), other mods will override UME3P whenever conflict arises, meaning that - at worst - you'll simply miss out on some bug fix or restoration.

ALOT users - please do not use the upscaled static shadows - neither Lite nor Full. LOD Module by itself doesn't add more than 0.3 gb to the game's RAM, but with the upscaled static shadows you will breach the memory limit. Otherwise, the rest of ALOT will work perfectly in full 4K.

No patches will be provided by me, although other users and mod authors have full and open permission to create patches themselves.


A few minor things, all of which are fixed in the upcoming update. Please note that we are very short on manpower, and therefore cannot notice every issue that arises. When you're reporting a bug, try to include as much information as possible. The more information you give us, the faster we can identify the cause and fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will you "port" UME3P to the Legendary Edition?

A: No. The Legendary Edition already has its Community Patch, which serves a similar purpose to UME3P.

2. Are there any overly subjective or fan-fiction edits?

A: No. Unlike ME3Re, UME3P does not remove content that the author finds "nonsensical", nor does it alter content for the sole purpose of personal preferences. This is one of the key differences between UME3P and what came before.

3. Does LOD Mod impact performance?

A: No. The Level of Detail Module was thoroughly tested and has zero impact on performance, not even with other mods such as ALOT. Every level has been perfected, and there are no stutters or brief freezes either. This also applies to backtracking throughout the level, which is something not even Bioware paid attention to.

In fact, LOD Mod makes changes to memory management in the Citadel Hub specifically to improve performance for both vanilla and ALOT/ALOV users. In other words, LOD Mod will simultaneously make your game look and perform better.

4. What are the new ending requirements?

A: In order to get the ending where Shepard lives, the new requirement is 3700 EMS, compared to 3100 EMS in the Extended Cut.
EMS requirements for all endings have been adjusted to match the ones in the Legendary Edition (LE). Keep in mind that the adjustments were made for the default 50% Galactic Readiness (which is gone in the LE), so you can still have an easier time by playing a few Multiplayer matches.

5. Do I need to start a new playthrough?

A:  Yes, due to its complexity, UME3P cannot be installed during an ongoing playthrough that didn't start off with UME3P already installed / applied. You must start a new playthrough (including any kind of imported save), otherwise you're likely to experience bugs surrounding War Assets and the Galaxy Map in general.

Existing users who are simply updating to a newer version do not have to start a new playthrough.

Special Thanks / Credits / Wall Of Fame

Hadrorex: "Local man is a f****** God" - Daily Mail
Vintagentleman: For being the best kind of tester any modder could hope for.
ninemil: For his thorough, fast and professional testing after UME3P's relaunch.
HD1: For saving me many hours thanks to deployments, file transfers, and so on.
Cirosan: For granting me permission to use your Arguing Couple bug fix.

The original ME3Re and its team: For inspiration and bringing awareness to some bugs that I never even knew existed.