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Change powers of Miranda to be more in line with her ME2 counterpart and the regular Squadmates to fit perfectly the awesome Miranda Mod.

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-Concept: This mod was made by inspiration of the Miranda Mod:
With Miranda being part of the Crew, I fond her kit too generic in contrast to the rest of your vanillas squadmates.
So i decided to revamp her gameplay Wise.

-Supress the 3 Level Minimum Ranked and gives her just one free point assigned to Overload like other squaddies.

-Give Her a New kit:
    -Tactical Scan(NEW!)
    -Strategist Leader(NEW!)

I know Reave is better than Slam but is her bonus power in ME2 and Warp/Incinerate/Reave are a little redundant (and Samara/Kaidan/Aria have it too) and at least it gives her a fast cooldown CC.

Tactical Scan for Miranda having 2 power bonus and an other Tech Power, she is supposed to be a Tactician so it makes sense and it reflects a little her passive in ME2. Plus Regular Squadmate have at least one Grenade/Support/Ammo power.

Strategist Leader is an edit of Cerberus Officer as she is no longer with them and for differeciate her from Kaidan's Alliance Officer. Its name is a reference of the Two Rank 4 evolutions of her passive power in ME2: Cerberus Leader and Cerberus Tactician(but I choose strategist as a Synonym). It gives a sligthly bonus in everything, as she is oftenly considered as a "Better than most but far from the best". She has two possibilities to give squad bonus to reflect, again, her passive in ME2.

Rank 1-3: 15% Health Barrier/5% Weapon Damage; Power Damage; Power Cooldown
Rank 4: 10% Weapon Damage; Power Damage; Power Cooldown OR 30% Health Barrier
Rank 5: 10% Squad Power Damage Bonus OR 10% Squad Power Cooldown Bonus
Rank 6: 15% Squad Weapon Damage Bonus OR 20% Squad Shield Recharge Speed Bonus

-Add Armor Bonus for Arena Armax: 25% Power Damage
Yeah vanillas squad has one too but not the same as their default outfits, basically it gives the bigger bonus as their passive bonus gives (except Liara who has Health/Shield).

-Bonus: Replace Javik's Slam by Dominate, so all "crew" squadmates have 2 uniques powers
He can view and transmit all of his memories to another person, plus the description of the power is more about "disruption" than " mind control", so it's not meaningless.


Fully compatible with major mods(EGM, Miranda Mod, Spectre, ME3R...)
Compatible with Miranda Restoration Project (with a patch)
Mostly Compatible with PV3 if you don't use extra armor for Miranda and Breather for Javik
Not compatible with mods that modify Miranda or Javik in combat situation.

- Mod recommendations

Miranda Mod
Spectre Expansion Mod
Restoration Project Miranda

-/!\ If you already invest Talents Points for Miranda or Javik, don't forget to reset's their powers in the med bay before take them in a mission, otherwise you'd lose them.

- Installation:

Directly drag and drop DLC_MOD_MEM into your Mass Effect 3 DLC folder, if you want Dominate for Javik, don't forget to drop the files inside into DLC_MOD_MEM(don't forget to AUTOToc).
Or Import the archive in Mod Manager and apply the mod.

Special thanks to the EGM team for inspiring me and Kinkojiro for allowing me publish this mod