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Replaces Miranda's hair with her original Mass Effect 2 version, changes her teeth with a custom more accurate version, and provides fixes to vanilla bugs related to her.

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For years Miranda's hair and teeth in Mass Effect 3 have bothered me. I always felt there was something off, so I tried to do something about them and this is what came of it.

This mod replaces Miranda's hair in the game with a port of her original Mass Effect 2 version, using JimboJeffers' Ultimate Miranda Mod (ME2) textures, changes her teeth with a custom mesh based on her ME3 mesh and texture, but modified to be more accurate to her actress, changes her squad selection image to have her new hair, and offers fixes to vanilla bugs related to her.

  • Improved Horizon eyelid fix by Jenya66: An improved fix to Horizon eyelid bug that was caused by the blood effect has been implemented, thanks to Jenya66. There's no longer a need to remove the blood effect, so now it has no drawbacks, meaning the fix doesn't need to be optional anymore.
  • New custom Miranda's teeth: Teeth based on her ME3 mesh and texture: but modified so they more accurately resemble the real actress'. Previous versions featured a direct import of her ME2 teeth, but the textures were lacking.
  • Added optional Horizon eyelid fix: During the final part of Horizon, the blood effect applied to her face caused her eyelid to be red, and her inner eyelid to be green. This has been fixed, at the cost of removing the face's blood effect, hence why it's optional.
  • Added inner eyelid fix by Jenya66: Through the game, Miranda's inner eyelid had a decoloration that seemed to be makeup, but was actually a bug. An extra texture file has been provided by Jenya66 to fix this issue.
  • New compatibility: A patch for Take Earth Back has been added.
  • Compatibility patches: All compatibility patches have been updated for the latest versions of the mods.
  • Installation options: The installation process has been automated for ease of use, and preview images have been added where appropriate.


Restoration Project Miranda
The best and easiest way to install this mod is by using ME3Tweaks Mod Manager:
  1. Download the Restoration Project: Miranda .7z file.
  2. Drag and drop it into Mod Manager.
  3. Choose Import Mods.
  4. Select the mod and click Apply Mod. Make sure you install this mod after all other Miranda mods (minus texture mods) for the automatic patches to be applied properly.
  5. Enjoy the game!

Inner Eyelid Fix by Jenya66
To install this texture you can use ALOT Installer (this link is the tool only, no need to download anything else):
    1. Download the Inner eyelid fix .7z file.
    2. Extract the archive.
    3. Drag and drop the file into ALOT.

    4. Click the Mass Effect 3 option.
    5. Click Install Textures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After installing texture mods you cannot install more content mods, and to uninstall them you need to restore your game to vanilla.

This mod is compatible with any mod not mentioned below. 

  • Miranda Mod + Miranda Alternative Uniform: During the terminal call at the Citadel and the Priority Earth communications room call, Miranda will have this mod's hair but will revert to her default uniform.
  • If any mod modifies one of the following files, the mod with the highest mount priority will be the one to take effect: BioH_Exp3_Miranda_1.pcc (Citadel DLC: Casino scene), BioH_Miranda_CitSim.pcc (Citadel DLC: Armax arena).

  • Project Variety: This mod is not compatible with Project Variety. However, any of the options that do not change Miranda's hair in Project Variety Extras will apply a modified hair mesh that resembles her Mass Effect 2 version.
  • Any mod that modifies BioD_CerMir.pccBioD_CitHub.pcc, BioA_CitCas.pcc (Citadel DLC), or BioD_CitApt.pcc (Citadel DLC).

This mod uses JimbobJeffers textures from Ultimate Miranda (ME2). Without his fantastic texture work, this mod wouldn't be the same.
Ultimate Miranda (ME2)
Ultimate Miranda (ME3)

The Inner eyelid fix file was done and provided by Jenya66.

Jenya66: For figuring out how to fix the Horizon eyelid bug without having to remove the blood effect. Now we can have the best of both worlds!

Jenya66: For sharing the inner eyelid fix and helping me fix the bugged vanilla teeth specular. And also for recording the footage used in the promotional material.
Scottina123 and Jenya66: For providing insight in how to fix the Horizon eyelid bug.

Mellin: For fixing the materials of the mesh for the squad selection images, and setting its lights properly.

Mellin and ThaliaGrace: For helping me and explaining how to properly replace the teeth in the head mesh and easily modify the UVs.
ThaliaGrace: For her teeth fix for the Miranda Mod romance scene. Without it, Miranda would have white and blue teeth.
Jenya66: For recording footage of the new version of the mod.

This mod wouldn't have been able to get this far without the amazing help of the Mass Effect modding community.
Here are some special thanks in no particular order:

Audemus, ellia, jaygee, glowstick, Mgamerz, NotQuiteRadiant, Sil, ThaliaGrace, Zero Escape: For welcoming me and pointing me in the right direction when I first ventured into this project.
Catachrism, Mellin, Khaar, Scottina123: For teaching me how to export and import my hair mesh properly, I had no idea what was what.
Mellin: For teaching me how to edit and go through the process of getting the hair to not behave like a monster. (And for helping me unhide the parts I had hidden by accident, I was sure I was going crazy)
beccatoria: For the great hair modding and first-time DLC tutorials and for your explanation of mem mods.
SeraCollins: For showing me how to edit the textures properly. Miranda looked like robocop before.
Strife The Historian & Taijfun403: Without whom I wouldn't have found the commands to speed through the game, significantly reducing the time it took me to test the mod.
Mentlegen: For the Citadel DLC saves, they were a very appreciated resource; and for helping me debug last-minute bugs, they were scary.
Veyron722skyhook: For the JAM to CEM save. My Shepard's fate was sealed otherwise...
Mgamerz & Aquadran: For the week you endured trying to help me get this mod work as a mem file. It didn't end up going in that direction, but the enormous help is greatly appreciated.
Scottina123: For teaching me how to make this mod behave well with others. I would have been stuck in compatibility hell without it.
Sil: For the bbcode! I had no idea what it was or how it worked before.
Jenya66: For recording the footage for the videos and screenshots. My 720 screen doesn't do the game justice.
Khaar & Mgamerz: For helping me compact the files. I was getting chonky files instead.

To all the developers of ME3Explorer and ME3Tweaks Mod Manager: Without these tools, I would have never been able to do something like this.

Special thanks to everyone who answered my thousands of questions, thanks for your enormous patience!
Thanks to everyone for your support throughout this journey, it helped keep my spirits up when issues arose.
I probably missed many names, but be certain that I'm eternally grateful to all of you.

I guess it's true what they say, it does take a village to raise a noob.