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Replaces the reaper destroyer's dialogue with the text-to-speech voice "WillFromAfar"

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Mass Effect 3 has
a chronic problem in making the bad guys™ not have a funny
voice. This mod aims to change that by replacing the hard work that was done
voice-acting and editing lines with terrible Text-To-Speech.

Don't install the mod after ALOT. Things can get broken, and generally broken things are bad.

  • Install the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  • Drag and drop the .7z folder into the mod manager, and import it.
  • Click Apply Mod

These are the mods that I know of that will overwrite the Reaper Destroyer encounter
Spectre Expansion Mod
Project Variety
Any mod that
overwrites the file BioD_Gth002_400Resolution_LOC_INT will also overwrite the mod.

Infrequently Asked Questions

"I no longer enjoy fun; how do I uninstall this mod?"
navigate to your Mass Effect 3 directory, and go through the BIOGame folder into DLC, and delete DLC_MOD_TTSReapers

"Why did you do this?"
I thought the funny-to-effort ratio was larger than it actually is.

"Will you make compatibility patches?"
No. I'm done with this, thank you very much

Special Thanks
Jade (LordEmil1) - For being a homie
Gabe8 - For being a homie


Better Journal - Includes exact location for fetch quest descriptions.