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Replaces the reaper destroyer's dialogue with the text-to-speech voice "WillFromAfar"

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Mass Effect 3 has
a chronic problem in making the bad guys™ not have a funny
voice. This mod aims to change that by replacing the hard work that was done
voice-acting and editing lines with terrible Text-To-Speech.

Don't install the mod after ALOT. Things can get broken, and generally broken things are bad.

  1. Install the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  2. Drag and drop the .7z folder into the mod manager, and import it.
  3. Click Apply Mod

These are the mods that I know of that will overwrite the Reaper Destroyer encounter
Spectre Expansion Mod
Project Variety
Any mod that
overwrites the file BioD_Gth002_400Resolution_LOC_INT will also overwrite the mod.

Infrequently Asked Questions

"I no longer enjoy fun; how do I uninstall this mod?"
navigate to your Mass Effect 3 directory, and go through the BIOGame folder into DLC, and delete DLC_MOD_TTSReapers

"Why did you do this?"
I thought the funny-to-effort ratio was larger than it actually is.

"Will you make compatibility patches?"
No. I'm done with this, thank you very much

Special Thanks
Jade (LordEmil1) - For being a homie
Gabe8 - For being a homie


Better Journal - Includes exact location for fetch quest descriptions.