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This DLC add Creative Machinima's 3D model of Tali Zorah to Mass Effect 2.

Permissions and credits

Tali Remastered
(For the legendary edition version clic [Here])

Tali : "If you like this free DLC, endorse me please !:)

 Autors/ Contributors :

- Creative Machinima (Tali Remastered Designer/Rigger/Skinner)
- Getorex (Tali Full Face mod's ME3 original conceptor)
-Sumirehaikuxna from DeviantArts (Tali full face mod's textures creator).
- Thanks to the entire team managing ME3Tweaks Fork for updating ME3Explorer which allowed
me to finally work on Tali Remastered for Mass Effect 2.
I was hoping for this update, it's a very nice gift. Good job !


1- Description :

is mod is a model replacer for Tali Zorah for ME2.

Due to the timeline of Mass Effect 2, you will notice that the pressurization of Tali's mask is more important in this version than in the last chapter of the trilogy (because of her immune sensitivity).
Following Shepard during the second chapter of the game will be essential to change her quarian's life and strengthens her immune system before getting her new appearance in ME3.

In this way:
- Tali's visor is more opaque, (most of the time you will not see her face as clearly as in the ME3 version of my mod).
- The luminous jewelry (memory of her father) is removed from her headgear in this version.
(Otherwise, if you want to keep the Tali's appearance of ME2 in ME3, I built a new "ME2-like" version, available in my ME3 download section.)

Version 1.1
(03/26/2021) :
- Tali Remastered support now the last Tali's outfit (included in alternate appearance pack 2).
- Fix some texture issues that caused the character to be highlighted in some environments.

2- Installation :

- Manual installation :

1) Unlock ME2 for modding (not needed if you already have it or if you use mod manager) :

First, in order to allow this mod to work, you must install two .DLL files to unlock DLC additions.
- Go to : and download the last version of []. (Be sure to take the ME2 version).

Then, extract binkw23.dll and binkw32.dll in your Mass Effect 2 Binaries folder located in  : ...\MassEffect 2\Binaries\


2) Download "Tali_RemasteredME2_DLC"
The main file is compressed with
.7z  extension

Extract the "DLC_CON_TaliMasterME2" folder to the mass effect 2 DLC folder located in: ...\Mass Effect 2\BIOGame\DLC.
Be sure to put the right folder at the right place.

Note for manual users: an Archive with .rar extension is available in micellaneous files if you don't use 7z (main file format).
(Archive weights are different due to the compression method, but both contain exactly the same package, so just download one file.)

- ModManager users :

My package is compatible with mod manager, just import, or drag and drop the archive into the program.

ALOT HD Textures :

A lot of textures for Tali Remastered are available on ALOT's page --> Here
Move to the "Miscellaneous Files", download and install Tali Remastered Patch for ME2.

3- Incompatibilities:

- Currently Tali Remastered only supports standard or loyalty outfits and swapping during your game to the "green skin" (included in the alternate appearance outfit - DLC pack) will causes instabilities with Tali's body. (twisted animations).(26/03/2121 Fixed on V1.1).

- This mod will not be compatible with any DLCs that changes Tali's 3D appearances

- Tali Remastered is compatible with Alot, just follow the Alot's installation process.

- Do not try to put this DLC in your ME3 folder, this files are only working on ME2.

- Tali Remastered for ME2 is not just a simple model export from ME3 to ME2, so, do not consider extracting and using properly this model for ME3, I had to completely rework the skin weight of the 3D face model.
This new version required a new skinning phase because movements of mouth bones are managed differently on Tali between ME2 and ME3 games.
If you try to extract and use this model on ME3, you will get some strange mouth deformations and weird jaw scaling.

(If you want to recover the ME2 appearance of Tali Remastered on your ME3 game, just go to the optional files section of Tali Remastered for ME3 and install the "ME2-like" version.)


4- Authorization / permissions:

Modding :
Same rules as my ME3 version of this mod:
Some simple rules should be respected:
If you make minor changes (fix some bug or just change eyes color etc ..) you can not
create your own nexus page and dump all my files on it.
If you want to mod and share your own modification of Tali Remastered, please contact me
and I will add your mod in the downloadable section of this topic.
Your name will be added in the credits on this page as contributor of Tali Remastered.
Please contact me before using my assets to get permissions.
Stream/ Let's play :
If you are a Streamer and you want to do a let's play with Tali Remastered, you can play without problem, I will just ask you to
mention Creative machinima, Getorex , and Sumirehaikuxna in your credits (or
somewhere in the description of your videos.)

5- Known issues :

Tali Remastered for ME2 works in almost all game's circumstance, however there are
still some minor bugs.
- Face's glitch
- Overall, Tali's mouth works each time she speak in ME2, even if there are still minor
glitch in some sequences.
- In Tali's loyalty mission, during the scene where Tali speaks with Shepard in front of
the console, she starts to squint at the end of the dialogue.
This problem is rectified as soon as you continue the dialogue.
- Sometimes when you start a mission, or when your game load a new zones, a bad model of
Tali is loaded (the original distant model).
Most of the time you will not notice anything, but each time, the problem is solved by
itself as soon as you interact with any NPC or once a cutscene is triggered.
I never managed to correct this problem, trying to deleting LOD from my .pcc files
didn't fixed this bug.
This problem never happens aboard the Normandy
- Finally, it is not a bug from my mod but I noticed that during a part of the last mission
of ME2, developers didn't activate lights corresponding to Tali's eyes, so you
will not see Tali's gaze in some sequences.

6- Artworks :

Tali remastered's wallpeapers are available on my Deviant Art page here :


If you wish to give a donation to salute my work on these
wallpeapers or my youtube channel : [url=][Link]
I will highly appreciate your done.

7- Mod history:

March 21 2018 : Creation of my youtube channel dedicated to my Tali Remastered fan videos (Machinima's performance).
August 26 2018 : Release date of Tali Remastered mod for ME3.
Febuary 14 2020 : Tali Remastered for ME2 trailer.
March 21 2020 : Release date of Tali Remastered mod for ME2.


Thank to :

- Bioware
- ME3 explorer Team / ME3Tweaks Fork Team
- Getorex
- Sumirehaikuxna from DeviantArts
- team moderators

Creative Machinima