Miranda's Purple Loyalty Outfit by bluephoenix73 and GuerillaTech
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Last updated at 4:43, 19 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 4:49, 19 Jun 2017

Miranda is still loyal to Shepard, but she and the Illusive Man have parted ways. Thus, it's time for a fashion update.

This is a minor recolor of "Miranda's Loyalty Outfit from ME2" by GuerillaTech so that the color scheme isn't quite as Cerberus-y. All of the assets belong to GuerillaTech: I just fiddled around with the diff and managed to recolor it, and I was graciously given permission to share it. Putting Miranda into her loyalty outfit in the first place was inspired by reallifegirl, who made the first version of the mod, and I couldn't be more grateful to both of them: I never liked that weird hexagonal uniform.

I had the idea to make it purple because of this nifty little expansion to EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod, which lets you invite Miranda back to the Normandy (and lets you put her super awesome F-Class fighter--which has a hint of purple in it--in your shuttle bay as a secondary vehicle). I have thus included a file and instructions for how to get her to wear the purple uniform with EGM's Miranda Mod, as well.


To Install:
  • Open ME3 Explorer
  • Load TPF Tools (on older builds, this will be under User Tools / Textures / TPF/DDS Tools)
  • Click "Load" and find your extracted .tpf
  • Once it loads, click "Analyse with Texplorer"
  • "Install Valid"

Made with ME3Explorer 3.0. First time set-up guide and a guide to using Texplorer (and building trees!) if you need them.