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This takes the awesome high-res textures of Alliance versions of Cerberus armors made by Ottemis (Armax armors) and Chashan/Tarkov33 (Ajax) and packages it in a DLC bundle, no textures needed and the armors appear under Alliance names.

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- Updated v2.0 -

A personal DLC now released on nexus by popular request and thanks to the texture creators:
Ottemis and Tarkov33/Chashan

DLC Cerberus armors renamed and  retextured in high-res into their Alliance counterparts.  
All packaged into a single easy to use DLC (no texmodding required).

The textures have been created (and used with permission) by:

Ottemis - Alliance Shade/Spirit/Nightmare
Tarkov33/Chashan - Alliance Ajax

All credits to them.  If you want the underlying textures please download and support on their respective pages.

WARNING:   You need to have the correct Bioware DLC in order to use the armors.

Ajax:  Alternative Appearance Pack
Shade/Nightmare/Spirit: Citadel DLC

The armor will automatically detect which DLC you have and install the appropriate files.  If you don't have the correct DLC the mod will break the Armor Locker.


Just select which version and point the installer to your ME3 directory.

EGM version - if you have EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod v1.0 or higher
- Find the Armors in Alliance Requisitions.
- Includes separate torso and helmet versions of each armor individually.
- If you select a Cerberus armor from the Armax Arena prize shop you will automatically get the Alliance version as well.

Standard version - if you don't have EGM or only an earlier version
- Find the Armors in Kassa Fabrications.
- Full body armors only.
- If you select a Cerberus armor from the Armax Arena prize shop you will automatically get the Alliance version as well.


Do the armors replace the Cerberus ones?
No these are a seperate DLC pack, you will be able to choose between the two in the armor locker.

The game crashes when I open the armor locker
This is because you installed and purchased an armor but don't have the correct DLC.   The underlying files need the Bioware DLC to function (for powers etc).  To fix go back to a save before you purchased them.


Just delete the DLC_MOD_EGM_AAP directory

Previous Version Notes:
Fix for a bug that prevented the bonuses being displayed in the entire armor locker
(Thanks to RegisHaster)
Russian Language support & translation
(Thanks to Ecio2014)