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A modded formal outfit for FemShep in Mass Effect 3. This replaces the N7 Dress.

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* I don't give permission to convert this mod for MELE at any circumstances or change it, altering the mesh or using any of my assets and upload it as your own, I'm working on the conversion for MELE.*

Mesh mod project that replaces the N7 Dress in Mass Effect 3 for FemShep. I created the model using different outfits in game and remodeling them, all parts are modeled and modified in 3Ds Max and some items made from scratch.

I created this new dress specially for the Casino mission, because the first time I saw my Femshep with that n7 plastic dress for that special occasion broke my heart, so I gave her a proper dress using parts from the game and my beginner skills with 3Ds Max. This mod took me one year because when I started it my pc broke down and I had to wait to finish it, sorry for all the waiting for those who knew the project in an early stage :).

I'm not the best at retexturing but I did my best with my new digital pad!
- You can choose boots or heeled shoes, a metal necklace or a necklace with a winged heart.
- The dress comes with earrings and a bracelet.
- Metal necklace hide completely that annoying neck line but if you don't mind I tried to fix that line all I could for the heart necklace which doesn't cover the neck line and still noticeable a bit :(, your choice ;).

Some known issues:

- As I said above if you use the heart necklace, neck line is noticeable because that necklace doesn't hide it.
- Lines from arms and legs are noticeable, this happens with all modded outfits.
- I fixed mesh clipping all I could but maybe sometimes the neck and boots clipping a bit, that's inevitable.
- Right earring is a bit displaced in custom Femshep but not much noticeable, I've had to do this because default Femshep has different ear position.
- In Casino mission Shepard shares same normal map dress with Brooks and Ashley too I think, I didn't have Ashley in my game, so I can't test it, if anyone can test it it will be much appreciated :P. So Brooks dress is messed up with other normal map in this mission, I have to think how to fix it, maybe giving Brooks and Ashley the same outfit or duplicating the normal map but this has a lot of editing.

Install instructions:
- Make a back up of your original files.
- Install .mod with ME3 Explorer Mod Maker (this automatically updates PCConsoleTOC.bin )
- Load the texture with Texmod or use the TPF tool to permanent replace textures.
- To show this dress in casino mission you must edit your coalesced.bin file with Me3Coalesced program, I added a coalesced.bin file edited for this on the download if you didn't want to edit your own coalesced.bin.

Install instructions more detailed inside the files or the readme here.

Let me know if there are any issue or bug with the mod. I haven't tried the mod in all the game so I need testers :).

Best regards!.

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