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This mod will replace Liara's default white outfit entirely, save the low-poly models in the Citadel DLC, with custom Ajax for the field and a science uniform for off-duty.


The .mod files were built with rev 629 and should work fine with the latest revs and SVN files. You MUST run a FULL and VANILLA Texmod scan BEFORE installing this mod! It's not complicated and will save you much hassle in the long run :)

If you are new to modding, go here: and follow the instructions carefully. It will show you how to properly set up me3explorer and make backups.

You will also need WarrantyVoider's DLC Patcher. Get it here:


---if you wish to use Getorex's Full-Face Helmet mod to give Liara a proper helmet, you must install it first as it changes some of the same files. Once it's installed, go ahead and install this one---

Open your copy of me3explorer, go to Tools - Mod Maker and load the mesh .mod files. You can run both at the same time. Go to Run - Run All and let it work. Once it is done, go to Jobs - Clear Jobs - All to remove the mesh jobs from the list. Then load the Ajax texture .mod file and your chosen science uniform texture .mod and hit Run All. Once it is done, you can close Mod Maker.

Next go to Tools - TOCbinUpdater and navigate to your Mass Effect 3 install folder. Open the CookedPCConsole folder and click on PCConsoleTOC.bin. Let the scan run and click YES when the results window pops up. You can now close me3explorer.

And that's that. Liara will now be wearing white Ajax on missions and a science uniform aboard the Normandy :)


Ottemis gets a lot of credit for this mod. She not only allowed the use of her lovely HR Science Uniform textures, but also created new spec files for both uniforms AND the Ajax! She was also kind enough to bundle up and script edit the texture mods for me, as well as help out with some mesh issues I had early on. I seriously wouldn't have been able to release this without her! :D

Her original Science Uniform textures are available here at the Nexus ( or here on her Bioware Forum thread (

Also, thanks to smarteck for allowing the use of his HR Ajax textures for this mod. Get the originals here at the Nexus ( or here in his Bioware Forum thread (

Thanks also go out to Getorex and Bomma72 for their help with this mod. You two might not think you helped much, but believe me, you did! :) And of course to everyone at the ME3Explorer forums who created the very tools that allow such in-depth moddin.

And, last but far from least, thanks to Bioware for creating the Mass Effect universe.