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Replaces Liara's default outfit with Ajax armor and an off-duty science uniform

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Please Note: Thanks to CaptainObviousau, this mod is available in plug & play DLC format, though the original .mod files still require REV 653 of ME3Explorer (available here under Optional Files). I am looking into updating them to the newest stable release of ME3Explorer, but my modding time is currently limited and I don't know when or if that will happen.  Please be sure to keep a copy of REV 653 if you wish to use the .mod files instead of the DLC files for the time being. Thanks! :)

Edit 21/3/16:
CaptainObviousau here. All of the DLC files have been updated with two options included. You can now choose between having Liara in the Ajax armour with her default breather mask, or the fantastic helmet created by Getorex. In addition you can choose the black SR-2 casual outfit instead of the green uniform if you wish. The new DLC is plug & play - no longer any need to use ME3 Explorer!

Edit 1/16/16:
With much thanks to Getorex, Liara now sports an awesome clear-faced helmet when in her Ajax.  I've updated the .mod version to include the new helmet and am working on files to replace it in the DLC version.  There are .mod files to install the helmet by itself or a full Ajax replacer that includes the helmet, armor, all textures, and CaptainObviousau's squad select icons. The new mods are under 'Optional' in the files section

Edit 6/12/15
CaptainObviousau here. Optionally you can now download this mod as a DLC rather than using the 'MOD' method. The main DLC file is to replace Liara's casual outfit with the ME1-inspired green science outfit, and with the Ajax Armour replacing her default around. There are four optional DLC files - simply use these if you want to replace any of Liara's other armours rather than her default, the choice is yours! Also thank very much to princessdemeter for allowing me to contribute to this great mod.

Edit 12/5/15
Thanks to CaptainObviousau, Liara now has some sweet squad select icons to reflect her new Ajax armor! :D I've updated the original file so there's now a single .mod file for the textures, mesh, and the new icons. Just load it, run it, and go! ;) And for those of you who already have the mod installed, there's also a new icon-only mod so you can give her the new icons without reinstalling the entire mod.

Edit 10/11/14: Added a tpf to install the Ajax textures, hopefully fixing a few errors :)  Be sure to read the readme!

With the hotly anticipated release of BackOff, I can safely say both the .mod and dlc versions of Liara's new outfit should be fully compatible.  There do not appear to be any conflicts in any of the files, though if somebody finds one, please let me know.


This mod will replace Liara's default white outfit with a custom Ajax armor for the field and a science uniform for off-duty. It's a complete replacement, save for the low-poly models in the Citadel DLC.

There are two colors for her science uniform, black and her original Mass Effect green.

It requires me3explorer REV 653 and a full (including dlc) Texmod scan to function correctly.
If you are new to modding, follow this guide to properly install me3explorer.

You will also need WarrantyVoider's DLC Patcher

Instructions are included in the .zip file. Simply extract the .zip and follow the directions :)

I recommend Getorex's full-face helmet mods to go with this. This one replaces the headgear of the human squad members, while this one replaces Liara's headgear and tweaks her body meshes. Install his first, since they change some of the same files, then install mine :)

Edited to add: If you'd like an alternate to the science uniform, try this mod by Girlplaysgame to give Liara a more casual appearance. Hers is a different type of mod to mine, so be sure to follow her instructions closely. They should be fully compatible so long as you ignore the science uniform installers :)


Original assets were created by and belong to Bioware.

Textures for the Science Uniforms were created by Ottemis and are used with her permission. Get them here at the Nexus or here at her Bioware Forum thread.She also created the new spec files for all three uniforms and put together the texture .mod files :)

Textures for the Ajax armor were created by smarteck, edited by me and Ottemis, and are used with his permission. Get the originals here at the Nexus or here at his Bioware Forum thread.


Eternal gratitude goes out to Ottemis for the use of her textures and all the work she put in to helping me get this mod out. I really couldn't have done this without you! :D Thanks to smarteck as well for letting me use his lovely Ajax textures.

Also, thanks to Getorex and Bomma72 for their help. You two might not think you did much, but you really helped me! And thanks to WarrantyVoider and the entire crew at the me3explorer forums for creating and maintaining the tools to allow modding in the first place. And, of course, thanks to Bioware for creating the Mass Effect universe :)