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  1. Spartan117B01
    • supporter
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    If I use Max Fuel 7000 and max probe 90 (edited myself cuz 500 probe is too much for me) what happens when you get the in game upgrades for these things?

    Will it crash? Add 500 and 30 to fuel and probes respectively?
  2. wanderingwanda
    • member
    • 85 posts
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    Thank you. Works great.
  3. spiritouspath
    • member
    • 15 posts
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    quick suggestion is make it nexus mod manager friendly so for some of use who are new to modding so we dont have to worry abt breaking our game
  4. ArJed
    • supporter
    • 246 posts
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    Additional gameplay options described here:
    ME2 Gameplay tweaks
  5. Gygax82
    • supporter
    • 459 posts
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    manually altered MaxFuel and MaxProbes in the coalesceed ini with Notepad++ ran me2 inifixer and the values always reset reagrdless of what i do to default 1000/30 do i ahve to set coalesced to read only or have i missed a step???

    EDIT: FIXED i use mass effect ini modder and that was buggering up the changes! only figured it out since i had activated a mod that added casual outfits and it made my femshep have Anderson's body for Kasumi's loyalty!
  6. Vresiberba
    • member
    • 41 posts
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    You need a non-destructive text editor to edit the coalesced file, so use notepad++. Moreover, the coalesced file needs to be the same file size, so if you add a single number or letter to one value, another must be subtracted from another. There are lots of values which has several zeroes at the end, like for instance 2.45000, so if you add one zero to to the probes from 30 to 500, simply remove a zero from some other value, like in the earlier example, make it 2.4500, then it should work.
    1. JahnR
      • premium
      • 34 posts
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      Did just that. ME2 won't run now. =/

      Edit: Strange... I changed the max value for probes from 500 to 90 and put back the subtracted zero from a "x.xx0000"-value. It works now.

      What exactly did you subtract a zero from?

      Though it doesn't make sense, but I wonder if there are some stuff that needs all those zeroes, even though they are mathematically useless.
    2. jfjb2005
      • member
      • 161 posts
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      Worked for me in the simplest way -- without additional "0" -- as in MaxFuel=5000 and MaxProbs=90, which is plenty enough for me not to have to return to base in the middle of a scouting session between systems.
      And yes, Notepad++ is the way to go.
    3. Illius
      • member
      • 1,674 posts
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      Every time when some one makes changes to the coalesced.ini, you must run this tool.


      It will fix any errors in the ini ... without removing the changes you just made.
  7. safrika
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    it seems that not changing the number of digits is working fine (using notepad++). I have put 99 probes and 9999 max fuel and the game boot correctly.
    1. KeyC0de
      • supporter
      • 371 posts
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      This works. It seems that Bioware thought ahead about the exploitation of this tweak. I can confirm that they check the number of decimal digits. MINGW throws me access violation errors otherwise.
  8. wowparzival
    • supporter
    • 39 posts
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    I'm using the controller support mod and it also replaces that same file. Are the changes to get the 500 probes easy enough to make? Do you mind sharing which numbers to change? Thanks
    1. Hunterz3ro
      • member
      • 22 posts
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      You actually can go to the file and change it yourself, just look for MaxFuel=1000 , and or MaxProbes=30 and change those values
    2. Cyrusdefilus
      • supporter
      • 6 posts
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      I tried that and now it won't open. As soon as I hit Run in texmod, a notice pops up saying Mass Effect 2 has stopped responding. Replacing the coalesced file with the one I backed up before changing those two values fixes the problem.
    3. inzane81
      • member
      • 2 posts
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      I have the same issue. I tried searching through the entire file for multiple references to maxfuel and maxprobes but there's just one each. I'm going to try halving the edited amounts to see if that makes a difference. This is the first mod I'm installing so no compatibility errors.
    4. inzane81
      • member
      • 2 posts
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      Ok, so I tried a few different numbers and the game never booted up. Then I changed the values back to the original and the game still didn't boot up. I then downloaded the .rar and copied the coalesced.ini and that booted fine, though I noticed some graphical glitches. I then closed the game and opened the coalesced from the rar, changed nothing and saved it. After that the game would not boot.

      Something about saving the coalesced.ini from a text editor is causing an issue.
    5. rpdement
      • member
      • 3 posts
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      I went in, manually changed the MaxFuel/MaxProbes values, and it didn't work. I then ran the ME2IniFixer.exe that came with another mod (I'm not running too many, so it's either from Controller Support, No More Mini Games, or Hide Helmet Tweak), and then the inputted values worked just fine... I didn't feel like messing with it past the 7000 fuel and 500 probes, but I can confirm that those values worked with my above stated method.
  9. Trabalhador2099
    • member
    • 7 posts
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    Endorsed for gameplay-wise! No more tiresome comebacks to the center of the system after exploring nearby systems in the cluster. This mod is not a cheat.
  10. Soulnecrose
    • member
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