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Biotic combos and more.

Permissions and credits
After months of research and development
Made possible by revolutionary modding techniques


Finally brings power combos into Mass Effect 2 !!!

Experience the combat system through a whole new dimension,
for hours and hours of the most exciting and carefully balanced fun this side of the remaster.

(also no ship upgrades were harmed in the making of this mod)

"Holy F**k, this is so much fun! Been playing 12 hours non-stop since I downloaded the mod. I would only consider a break for a dinner in your cabin."
- Kelly C.

"I've waited for a mod like this for years. I've prayed and begged and cried for it every night. I can't believe this is finally happening."
- Alex R.

"I will destroy you!"
- Jaqueline N.

Simple Installation with Mod Manager

STEP 0 -> get ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager.

STEP 1 -> Install the file downoladed from here as a DLC mod.

STEP 2 -> Install the CombolutionSupport ASI mod.

Universal Compatibility

(well, except with a few things that directly modify Shepard's base power loadout - but it won't crash the game or anything. More info here)

Biotic Detonations

Biotic Primers -> Lifted targets (as in vanilla) + Warp + Reave + Singularity (even on protected targets)

Biotic Detonators ->  Warp (as in vanilla) + Reave + Shockwave + Throw

Detailed Mechanics -> here

Customizable Cooldown System

Brand new console commands to switch at any time between two cooldown systems:

cooldown_i -> Powers get individual cooldowns. An improved, flexible, and balanced version of the Remove Shared Cooldowns mod.

cooldown_s -> Powers get shared cooldowns as in vanilla.

Special Thanks

d00tMgamerzSirCxyrtyx for helping me get started with ASI modding.
MgamerzSirCxyrtyx, and anyone who contributed to ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and ME3Explorer.
And in particular 
SirCxyrtyx, for the Script viewer/editor (I started working on this mod a while back, but I would probably never have finished it without this).