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Removes the gratuitous butt shots from Miranda's loyalty conversation.

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The camera positioning for Miranda's pre-loyalty mission always annoyed me. To me it was extremly disrepectful to Miranda's character. She just let you in to, possibly, her greatest secret and all the camera does, by focusing on her behind, is sexualize her in a key point of character development. This mod fixes that. Now the camera will no longer focus on her butt at anypoint in the loyalty mission conversation. The camera will remain the same during her romance conversation.



To intall this mod, either drag the archive onto ME3Tweaks Mod Manager or drag DLC_MOD_Butt into the ME2's DLC directory.


As long as no mods modify the same file, they should be compatible.

To make this mod compatible with texture mods like ALOT, make sure you install this mod BEFORE all texture mods.

This mod is compatible with FemShep and Miranda Romance for ME2. Install the patch for that mod.


This mod is for English versions of Mass Effect 2 only. I will not release versions for other languages.