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This mod allows Tali and Thane to be romanced by both male and female Shepard, utilizing unused dialogue in the game files. It also fixes issues with imported same-gender Ashley and Kaidan romances and allows and restores other same-gender content whenever possible.

Permissions and credits
  • Both male and female Shepard can now flirt with Tali and Thane and pursue romances with them.
  • Imported same-gender romances with Ashley or Kaidan are now properly recognized in certain scenes and dialogue.
  • FemShep can have a fling with Jack and receive a kiss from Gianna Parasini.
  • Some flirts with Miranda and Jacob are now available for both Shepards.
  • Ashley and Kaidan can now be chosen as love interests in new playthroughs regardless of gender using the Genesis DLC.
  • Only includes voiced dialogue and properly animated scenes.
  • Characters will not refer to Shepard as the wrong gender.

  • Romance Scene for MaleShep and Thane - Adds a romance scene for MaleShep and Thane, which is a repurposed version of Miranda's romance scene.

This mod is only available in English. It can be installed on other localizations as long as the game audio is in English, though none of the mod's text changes will apply.

Technical Information for Modders:
  • Mount Priority: 520
  • TLK ID: 400100
  • DLC Module Number: 80

Some dialogue and scenes will not occur for same-gender Tali and Thane romances, due to animation issues and/or lack of audio. As a result, Thane's original romance scene won't occur for MaleShep, some of Tali's romance-specific conversations won't occur for FemShep, and it is impossible to break up with either of them after the romance is locked-in.

  • If you are using Origin, make sure automatic game updates are disabled through Origin's settings.
  • Drag and drop the 7z file onto ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to ME3Explorer's development, as this mod would not exist without it.