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A collection of random textures I've recreated for Mass Effect 2

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21 High Resolution textures for Mass Effect 2

These textures have been recreated, I kept to the originals the best i could. With most of them there isn't any difference besides the increase in resolution. There are two textures that drift from the originals, I have highlighted these in the screenshots. One is of the datapads and because the original was unlegible i had to make up my own writing. The coloring is also slightly different. The second one is the police line texture that is used on Illium. It is very different from the original but i really like it so i included it. It is using a new font and has a new little logo on it. It fit well for me and i liked it a lot more than the original. But of course the choice is yours to install them or not. 

The font textures have been recreated aside from two of them, higher resolution logos*, includes 1 Holo Interface and the Kinetic Laser Field redone from scratch and a ton more.
*The Level Up and New Research Logo have been redone and i plan to redo the rest of the logos for such things. Sorry i haven't finished them all yet. I am also working on the holo interfaces

Didn't upload screenshots for every texture. There are screenshots included in the archive. 
Note- Screenshots are not ingame. These are just the textures

Installation Instructions
Download the MEM Install file and extract using 7zip or something equivalent, load the mem file into MassEffectModder and apply the mod by right clicking. 

More information about how to install .mem mods can be found here

Manual Installation Instructions
Download the file and extract using 7zip or something equivalent.

Install using MassEffectModder or ME3Explorer. Use the search function and then replace the textures

*I recommend MassEffectModder myself. I had issues with ME3Explorer crashing for ME2. MassEffectModder worked great and flawlessly