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Mass Effect 2 crushes blacks! Get way more detail back because of this mod.

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Mass Effect 2 has a default shader that crushes the blacks to death! TO DEATH I TELL YOU!!!
I get the point, I mean ME1 was to grey but come on guys...

This all happens because of a simple line in the shader file UberPostProcessBlendPixelShader.usf that reads:
float3 x = max(0,InLinearColour-0.004);

I simply changed it to float3 x = max(0,InLinearColour); with Notepad++ and it was fixed: (download my file or do this yourself)

Now it does not crush the blacks anymore, now you can enjoy more tints of grey (so way more detail) in darker scenes. Check Miranda's hair detail for example, first it was absent now you actually see detail in it.

If you think the game is now to grey you can adjust you monitor or the in game settings to your taste.
Also you can leave (if desired of course) the depth of field on as turning this off was only a work around and not a fix! I didn't even try this fix myself as I like DoF personally.

The file I included is a zipfile with a folder, this folder just has to be dropped in the Mass Effect 2 main folder, overwrite when asked and you are done!
You probably should backup your file, but I don't really see a problem to be honest. For what ever reason the game could crash, everyone has a different system of course. May this happen you can simple edit the file back to it's default with the small program Notepad++.


EDIT: The blacks are still crushed on some places like at Afterlife in Omega, but that is probably another filter used for that scenery, turning of DoF still gives more detail in that place but the atmosphere gets lost and way too bright (night clubs suppose to be dark and lights are luminescent so on that particular spot crushed blacks work imho) I'll look into this, there is room for improvement, probably by editing another shaderfile I haven't found yet.