Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered
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About this mod

Instead of replacing existing suits, this tool allows to add suits to new slots for compatible mods.

Permissions and credits
Requirements (Thanks hellshot06 for reminding me):

.NET Desktop Runtime

VC Redist x64


If you install mods from SMPC tool, after that you need to re-install your previously added suits.

Suits you installed will be moved to InstalledSuits Folder, if you run the tool with double clicking and not with drag and drop, suits in that folder will be installed

This mod only works with compatible mods, won't work with old SMPC tool mods. You can look into the mods which require this mods section to see which Suits you can add in a new slot.

Thanks to team-waldo for their InsomniacArchieve which made this tool possible.

Thanks to Daigron for all the help.

Errors and their Solutions:

Tool Closes Immediately=> Download the requirements

Sequence Contains No Element  => One of the smpcmods you have installed is incompatible with the tool you need to uninstall it.

Offset outside limit => Delete toc.BAK and verify your game files.

Unable to Read Beyond Stream => Tools version and suits version doesn't match try downloading latest version of both and if the issue persists report it in the Suits mod page.

Only 3 or 4 suits showing =>  Keep pressing down button.

For Users:

Video Tutorial

1- Backup your toc file which is located under "asset_archive" folder of your game.

2- Backup your save file which is located in "Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered" folder inside Documents folder.

3- All you need to do is move the file which ends with ".suit" into the same folder with tool. Then drag and drop .suit file into to tool exe.

4- If "Choose a folder" windows pops up, select asset_archive folder inside the games folder. (Alternative Solution: Move the tool in the same folder as SMPC tool)

5- If you want Custom Suit Names install this mod and follow the instruction on the description. Custom Suit Names

For Suit Designers:

Video Tutorial (Thanks to Access_Denied for this Tutorial)

Written Tutorial (Thanks to TangoTed for this Tutorial)

Note: If you upload your mod to nexusmods, then please add my mod as a requirement of your mod.