Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

About this mod

A version of my Movie Accurate Enhanced TASM 2 Suit that uses its own suit slot

Permissions and credits
NEW VERSION OF MY Movie Accurate Enhanced TASM 2 Suit - With Symbiote Suit NOW USES ITS OWN SLOT
IT WILL ONLY WORK USING ASCtheWhiteWolf's Adding Suits to New Slots Tool (Please don't ask me how to install it, it is described on their mod page)

I fixed most of the issues that I found on my previous mod after using it for a while. 
  • Reduced the size of the lenses.
  • Improved the texturing on the web-shooters
  • Made the finger pads and Web-shooter button actually 3D.
  • Improved the texturing on the blue parts of the suit.
  • Fixed most of the webbing issues (at least the ones that bothered me the most)

Disclaimer: I won't make different versions with different glossiness levels like I did with the other mod, I won't make a version that uses the original game's proportions, and I won't fix any issue unless the issue bothers me enough to fix it.  If you want different versions please install my previous mod which includes 3 different glossiness level add-ons, a different color pallete add-on and the symbiote add-on.