Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered
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Instead of replacing existing suits, this tool allows to add suits to new slots for compatible mods.

Permissions and credits
Requirements (Thanks hellshot06 for reminding me):

Important Note: With his update modders; instead of creating a zip of their Suit folder which has their Assets, they need to drag and drop the file into the tool. Tool will automatically create .suit folder for them to distribute.

If you install mods from SMPC tool, after that you need to re-install your previously added suits.

Thanks to team-waldo for their InsomniacArchieve which made this tool possible.

Thanks to Daigron for all the help.

For Users:

Video Tutorial

1- Don't forget to backup your toc file which is located under "asset_archive" folder of your game.

2- Don't forget to backup your save file which is located in "Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered" folder inside Documents folder.

3- This mod only works with compatible mods, won't work with old SMPC tool mods. You can look into the mods which require this mods section to see which Suits you can add in a new slot.

4- Move the tool into the same folder as SMPC Tool or Create a file named "assetArchiveDir.txt" and type in the full path of "asset_archive" folder inside the games folder.

5- All you need to do is move the file which ends with ".suit" into the same folder with tool. Then drag and drop .suit file into to tool exe.

For Suit Designers:

This tutorial has been prepared by ACCESS_DENIIED.

Video Tutorial

1 - Export all the materials, models and textures you will be editing. When extracting the textures, make sure you also extract the HD textures which can usually be found in archives with names larger than 10 (Example: g00s015) as well as the SD textures found in archives smaller than 10 (Example: g00s001).

2 - Modify your model and textures with all your stuff (retextures, model import and etc)

3 - After modifying give it an unique id for your suit - for example: spidermanpcsuit1 (don't give this one). The suit name MUST be the same character length as the original. E.g futurefoundation is 16 characters long so make sure you name the new suit to the same length of characters.
 (Be unique with the suit id, if the suit has the same id as others in-game, the models and textures will overwrite other suits!) (This won't be displayed in the game so you can give random id)

4 - Make an id.txt file and write your new suit name in that txt file.

5 - Download Hxd (Hex Editor) and drag 1 material into the Hxd window and perform the following:
In the top left of the Hxd window there is a "Search" function, click that, then click "Replace". Make sure you have the "Text-string" selected then click on "All" in the "Search direction" menu.

In the "Search for:" field, enter the original suit name (for this example we will use the futurefoundation suit so enter futurefoundation) and then in the "Replace with:" field, enter the id of the suit you have chose to name in the id.txt.

Now click the "Replace all" button, click OK then "save as".

Save the file name from:


Do this for the rest of the .material files.

Same as the steps above but you don't need to rename the .model file when saving via Hxd. 

Just rename the file like in the example:


Do this for the rest of the SD texture files located in the lower numbered archives (e.g. g00s001)


Just rename the file and ".hd" in the end like in the example :

Do this for the rest of the HD texture files located in the higher numbered archives (e.g. g00s015)

6 - Download Bleedn's tool: 
Now, open Bleedn's tool and "open file", search for the model and open it. You will see materials that are linked to it. Using bleedn's tool replace the material file paths in the model file, the same way you did with textures - changing name of suit to your unique id
In this example we've named the suit "spidermanpcsuit1" without the quotes.

Note: Asset Editor may not work for some people, they can edit their material paths in .model file with the Hex Editor.


material path 0: 




Leave the Material name alone, only change the path names.
The path names can be shorter than the original names but CANNOT be longer.
Once all path names have been changed to the format above, click "file" then "save file" and save the model as your desired suit name. The suit name can be shorter than the original name but CANNOT be longer than the original name.

7 - Create a folder named Suit

8 - Put all these renamed files and id.txt into a folder

9 - Drag and Drop that folder into the tool; Your suit will be installed for your test, .suit file will be created and you can distribute that.

Note: If you upload your mod to nexusmods, then please add my mod as a requirement of your mod.