Marvel's Midnight Suns
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Increases the difficulty of Fallen Venom, Fallen Scarlet Witch, and Crossbones by modifying their abilities and AI.

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Yes, this mod is compatible with Hulk Ambush, Lethal Lilin, and Harder Hydra!

A mercifully short-lived alliance between Lilith and the evil mutant Mesmero have allowed the Queen of Demons to increase her control over the Fallen. Now, Fallen Venom uses his powers far more effectively in her service, while the Fallen Scarlet Witch's rebellious impulses to lash out against Hydra and the Lilin have been all but quelled.

(also, she bought Crossbones a bigger gun)

Fallen Venom

Fallen Venom has a decent enough concept, but suffers from having too many ineffectual attacks. Tendril strike has a 50% damage coefficient and no other effects, while Spike Bomb is easy to avoid and consumes two of his actions.

Spike Bomb

Totally overhauled. Charging Spike Bomb grants Venom 20% of their max HP as block. If they lose all block, the Spike Bomb charge is lost, and their first action next turn will be Quick Strike. The charge is also lost if Venom is stunned or bound.

Otherwise, Venom will start their next turn by firing Spike Bomb, which hits all heroes on the battlefield for heavy damage and applies Bleed - a worthy use of two of Venom's actions!

Losing the Spike Bomb charge clears all Venom's Block, regardless of how it happened.

Quick Strike

Quick Strike is unchanged, but now Fallen Venom only uses it as a counterattack or when their Spike Bomb charge is lost due to losing all Block. Think of it as a consolation prize.

Lethal Embrace

This attack now inflicts Wounded 2 rather than Bleed 2. This is a more harmful but also more interactive status effect. Additionally, Lethal Embrace is an option for Fallen Venom's second action rather than their first.

Symbiote Bind

Venom is now less interested in fair play, and will happily use Symbiote Bind even when one hero is already under the effects of Symbiote Bind. He still won't Bind your last surviving hero, though, and the ability still has a cooldown.

Fallen Scarlet Witch

FSW's main problem is her tendancy to do more damage to her allies than to the heroes. Her other problem is her tendancy to have "dud" turns where she confuses someone and then throws a hero at nothing and inflicts 0 damage.


Chaos Field has been removed from the available options. This is a temporary measure while I figure out how to overhaul it into something that's challenging and interesting to deal with. Toss, Hex Bolt, and Hex Charge are now all equally probable (previously, Toss and Hex Bolt were twice as likely as either Hex Charge or Chaos Field).

More in-depth AI changes are planned, but right now I just want to get something out the door.


Friendly fire removed.

Hex Charge

Friendly fire removed.

Confuse status effect

"Move" has been removed from the list of actions that can be selected by Confuse. This will cause Confused heroes to take far more actions that actually deal damage (hopefully to heroes) and/or waste cards.

Confused characters can still take no action other than moving, but should only do this if they have no cards in hand and no usable environmental objects.


Added a damage coefficient; this is at 75% for now but I might increase it later.


Crossbones is basically fine, and is actually a lot of fun to fight, he just doesn't hit hard enough since his grenades are more likely to cause disruption than actually damage heroes. Zedd provided the first recommendation for the numbers below.

Sniper Shot

Damage increased from 150% to 175%


Damage increased from 50% to 75%. Yes, this is still low, but the theoretical maximum damage from shotgun is insanely high if the knockback connects and Crossbones places a grenade on your now-dazed hero.


Nest Mother - Monument of Affliction

Confuse has been removed from the list of status effects the Monument of Affliction can apply - it's now exclusive to Fallen Scarlet Witch.


Sabertooth, Hulk, and the Dread Maiden are basically fine as far as Fallen go, so I didn't bother changing them. The Nest Mother isn't considered to be a Fallen/Supervillain, except insofar as she has the appropriate passive ability.

The early-game story missions against Fallen Venom might now be too difficult considering how weak the hero decks are at this stage in the game. I recommend using Zedd's balance mod, which considerably improves Spider-Man's starting deck by making Chain Strike actually usable, and gives the Hunter access to Taunt.

Fallen Venom will occasionally perform Symbiote Bind and then take no second action. I don't know why this happens; if you work it out, please let me know.