Marvel's Midnight Suns
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Upgrades the abilities and AI of various Lilin enemies to make them more threatening, and allows a weaker version of the Nest Mother to spawn on all mission types.

Permissions and credits
Yes, this mod is compatible with Hulk Ambush, Fearsome Fallen, and Harder Hydra!

Not content with defiling the Sanctum Sanctorum, Lilith has raided the monastery of Kamar-Taj and used its plundered artefacts to empower her Lilin brood.

All Lilin

Now have immunity to Corrupt, like the Shadowhounds. It always seemed strange that Lilith's corruption could be harmful to her own minions, and this was a frequent source of 'own goals' amongst the Lilin. (As a small benefit to the player, this reduces the extent to which Corrupt can ping-pong between enemies and heroes.)

The name of the corruption immunity passive has been changed from "Burning" to "Child of Lilith" (although only in the English language)
to better reflect that it applies to all Lilin.


Spawning rules:
Revenants can now spawn from the beginning of New Game Plus, and do not have to wait until after the Barghest mission.

Blood Hunger:
Instead of targeting the latest character (friend or foe) to gain Bleed, Revenants will target the latest to gain the Corrupt status. Since Lilin are now all immune to Corrupt, it is still possible to make Revenants attack their own allies, but only on missions with Hydra. The Blood Hunger passive has been renamed "Devourer of the Corrupt" to reflect this change.

Slash: The basic attack of the Revenants now inflicts Corrupt, not Bleed.

Nest Mother

The Nest Mother has been split into two slightly different units: The original, boss-tier Nest Mother that appears on story missions and the Defeat Nest Mother mission, and a weaker version that is closer to a Hard-tier enemy (like a Hydra Officer or Mystic) in power that can spawn on any mission with Lilin enemies except Defeat Nest Mother and Counterattack.

Hard-Tier Nest Mother: Has 50% less HP and about 10% less attack strength than the original Nest Mother. Can appear as an initial spawn on any mission with Lilin (and therefore cannot appear during Act 1 in New Game, since Lilin missions do not appear until Act 2). Does not have the "prioritize protection" ability that causes Guardians and Shieldguards to always protect them.

The Hard-Tier nest mother takes 18% damage from the destruction of an Altar, and can therefore be killed by destroying 6 altars.

Hard-Tier Nest Mothers are viable targets for Revenants' Soul Bind and several other buff abilities, but not Dark Legion's Split since there is no way to track which Nest Mother clone is linked to which altars.

Boss-Tier Nest Mother: Has 20% more HP than the original Nest Mother, in order to reduce instances of one-shotting. Only appears in story missions.

The Boss-Tier nest mother takes 8% damage from the destruction of an Altar, and can therefore be killed by destroying 13 altars.

Mission - Defeat Nest Mother

This mission now requires all enemies to be defeated, not just the Nest Mother. It is essentially a remix of Defeat Heavy Enemies, with a guaranteed spawn of one boss-tier Nest Mother.

Dark Legion

Spawning rules:
Dark Legion can now spawn from the beginning of New Game Plus, and do not have to wait until after the first Ghost Rider story mission.

Simplified. The Dark Legion will now always Leech if they have more HP than any valid Clone targets, and if not, they will choose between Leech and Clone with 50/50 weighting. Dark Legion can no longer spend their action duplicating themselves, since this was the least-threatening action a Dark Legion could take - it often had no meaningful effect for two entire turns - and now they will hopefully have a larger impact on the battlefield.

Leech: If the Dark Legion heals itself back to full HP using this move, they will immediately Split. This allows them to attack when close to full HP without 'wasting' the lifesteal effect, and also gives them the ability to duplicate themselves while dealing damage if the player ignores them.

Clone: This ability now includes a small heal, applied before the duplication effect. This will hopefully limit occasions on which the Dark Legion splits one relatively tough enemy into two that are fragile enough to kill with Quick attacks.

Known bugs and issues
  • The text popup when Devourer of the Corrupt triggers still says "Blood Hunger".
  • Both types of Nest Mother look the same and have the same name. However, they should never both appear on the same mission.
  • The two types of Nest Mother are a work in progress, and are not properly balanced yet.
  • Nest Mothers cannot spawn as reinforcements. I don't currently have plans to change this.
  • The Burning and Blood Hunger passives have only been renamed in the English language.
  • Due to the difficulty of persuading a Revenant to target a Nest Mother with Soul Bind, this interaction has not yet been tested, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  • On "protect device" and "gather data" missions, the code that randomly picks enemies to attack the device/server will sometimes pick Lilin Altars, which have no ability to attack. This may result in fewer enemies targeting the device than intended.
  • The Dark Legion's "Leech" ability triggering "split" may not work under all circumstances - more testing is required.

The next revision will include balance changes.