Marvel's Midnight Suns
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Upgrades the abilities of the Hydra Officer and Hydra Shieldguard to make them more threatening. Also tweaks the AI of the Hydra Specialist, and allows the Hydra Mystic to spawn earlier on NG+.

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Yes, this mod is compatible with Lethal Lilin, Fearsome Fallen, and Hulk Ambush!

After taking a beating at the hands of the Midnight Suns, Hydra troops have geared up with new equipment invented by nefarious mad scientist Arnim Zola, and hired the infamous Taskmaster for extra training.

Hydra Officer


Now used 75% of the time rather than 25%. In other words, the Hydra Officer will always take a second action. This should greatly increase the danger posed by the Officer: Strengthened enemies are no joke!


Now temporarily confers Frenzy 2 on the affected enemy, so that they explode after two card plays (like a Crossbones grenade). The Frenzy effect then expires, leaving that enemy able to attack normally on the enemy turn. Although the explosion is still damaging to Hydra forces, the 2-action timer makes it much more difficult for a player to take advantage of, and it no longer causes the exploding enemy to forfeit their action.

Hydra Shieldguard

Shield Bash

Now inflicts 2-3 Daze rather than 1-3. 1 Daze is irrelevant most of the time, 2 or 3 at least forces the player to plan their turn carefully.

Concussive Blast

Works completely differently. Instead of a small, 200% damage explosion with friendly fire enabled, this now hits all heroes for 50% damage and Knockback. The Knockback is the real threat here - try to avoid standing next to explosive barrels.

Hydra Mystic

Spawn rules

Can now spawn at the start of NG+, rather than needing to wait for the end of Act 1.

Hydra Specialist


Default action probabilities changed from 50/40/10 Frenzy/Heal/Shot to 50/30/20. This doubles the chance of the Specialist actually attacking you, which means ignoring them on turn 1 now comes with more immediate risk.