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This mod changes the vehicle names to match their real world counterparts if any.

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==== FEATURES ====
Most names are based on the suggestions from a M1DE wiki, some are personal interpretation and some are from users
who conducted their own research.

Audio remains unchanged and thus minor confusion might arise during the story. Supported languages are CZ, DE, EN and RU.
Some car names also had to be shortened to fit the available space in the UI.

Best Case: You have no other mods installed that change the same .sds files.
Copy the "sds_retail" folder and its contents into your "Mafia Definitive Edition" main directory and overwrite existing files.

Not so ideal: You have a mod that changed these specific files but you want both mods.
Unpack the currently used .sds files and patch them manually with "Mafia Toolkit". The required files are included.

hud_vehicle_info.gfx            in  /gui/ingame_gui.sds
menu_carcyclopedia.gfx          in  /gui/shared_gui.sds
vehicles_game_group.xbin        in  /tables/tables.sds
stringtable_XX_common_group.xml in  /string_tables/stringtable_XX.sds

Worst Case: You have a mod installed that changed the very same files IN the .sds
Basically you'd have to manually redo all my changes in your .xbin and .gfx files and see if you can achieve compatibility between the two mods.

==== THANKS ====
Thanks to "cloakedcollective" for his extensive research on the car models, experimenting with car spawn behavior and testing.