Mafia: Definitive Edition

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  1. cloakedcollective
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    Fixed "Black Cats" outfit UI display in Wardrobe selection menu.

    FAQ & Mod Requests Rules

    (1)  If you have requests to merge or remove a particular mod in this mod, feel free to personally message me so that I can do it for you :)

    (2) Though we've spent 250+ hours researching, analyzing, comparing, and matching the cars in-game to the
         ones in real life, we are still open to suggestions and changes. Just make sure that whenever you want to                  suggest a change, you will promise to:
    Be genuinely kind, courteous, warm, and friendly with the way and manner that you express your requests                 concerns to us as well as to other users. Seriously; we're more than willing to help you out and do it for                   you. The 
    very least you guys you could do for us in return is to NOT be an insensitive jerk about it.

    - Present SOLID proof to support your argument via sharing RELIABLE website link sources
    . Wikipedia and                   other sketchy-looking websites will NOT count.

    - Point to us what specific characteristics of the car should we be looking at in order to for us to have an                       easier time evaluating your suggestion and decide whether or not it should be implemented. Describe and                 compare both 
    big and small details of the car/s in the game to the car/s in real life like the placement of                     side mirrors, whether or not a car is supposed to have a spare wheel attached to either the driver's seat                       door or the navigator's seat door or even both, the overall length and width of the car, the overall car's body                 shape,  wheel design, bumpers design, car windows design etc. 

    BE PATIENT. We may not be able to respond and fulfill your request at times, usually because we have responsibilities that we need to attend to in real life. Rest assured, we will get back to you as soon as we are available :)

    Failure to comply to any one (1) of the above criteria may result to your request being ignored. We will still try to accommodate everyone as much as we can :)

    (3)  The Free Ride Deluxe V2.6 mod is NOT REQUIRED TO RUN THIS MOD. However, it is highly recommended to             use that mod alongside this mod.

    (4)  Feel free to comment down below or report it on the "Bugs" section about anything in the mod that needs fixing or if the mod changed something that wasn't supposed to be changed.

    Enjoy and have fun with the mod! :D
  2. ScientistClone
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    Soooo, where exactly do i install these files?
    1. cloakedcollective
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      Download one (1) of the files in the "Files" section and extract the "sds_retail" folder from it and place it on your game folder. Choose "Replace files" when asked. That's it :)
  3. whodatninja117
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    can you make a version of this with plus garage plus traffic plus No Vehicle Camera Shake plus Discard Ammo On Reload all difficulties? sorta like this:
    1. nptr
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      I included instructions and all the files necessary to merge with other mods. You can use "Mafia Toolkit" for this.
      My approach would be to install the mod you mentioned first. Then unpack the .sds archives that are conflicting with my mod and replace
      the .xbin files with the ones from my mod (the plus garage plus traffic version!!). Then pack the .sds again and see if it works.

      If there is a conflict on .xbin level you are out of luck and would have to dive deeper. No instructions there :/
  4. poseidon47605
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    Well done for making this, thanks!