Mafia: Definitive Edition
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removes weaponglow, hitmarkers,Killmarkers,crosshair color indicator for friends and foes,waypoint symbol from screen,waypoint symbol from minimap.removes alot other symbols,doors,crates,police symbols, cars motorcycle and persons from the minimap, police radio voices also removed.

Permissions and credits
I would like to briefly mention why I built this mod, there are several reasons one of the reasons is that the player are treated like an idiot at mafia definitive edition and everything is displayed 3 times so you no longer explore the area yourself as it should be .. you just stupidly follow the markings. it also takes a lot of athmophere out of the game. I wanted it to fill up more like the old classic mafia.
actually i wanted to go on and adjust the animations so that they are no longer the same as from mafia 3 and also i  wanted to remove  some more of the annoying sounds but i think i will not continue to work on this mod because  of time.

0.4 is probably the last version that I upload here.

how to install

-> highly recoment to make a backup of your original files before overwrite them <-

copy the ( game_constants.xml ) file to  mafia/edit/config/ and overwrite original file

copy the ( ingame_gui.sds ) file to mafia/sds_retail/gui/ and overwrite original file

copy  the
( audio_de.sds )
( audio_en.sds )
( audio_es.sds )
( audio_it.sds ) 
( audio_fr.sds ) files to mafia/sds_retail/audio and overwrite original file 
- this will removes the police radio voices for all languages with the exception of Russian and Czech

what  this mod does

1. removes weaponglow
2. removes all kinds of hitmarkers and Killmarkers.
3. removes crosshair color indicator for friends and foes.
4. removes waypoint symbol from screen.
5. removes waypoint symbol from minimap. - you still can see the blue line where to go on minimap.
6. removes all symbols that tell you with what and where you can interact doors weapon crates ect, you can still see the use (E) botton symbol when you are close enough.
7. removes police symbols, cars motorcycle and persons from the minimap. -you have to watch out by yourself if there are police.
8. removes roadsigns symbols that tell you where to drive no mather if you play easy mode or classic.
9. removes police radio voices- only  german  version with the  radio

one more info if you decide to play mafia with this mod then you should remember the inside of the building during the mission with the prison, otherwise you might get lost,you have to find your own way out. without these markers you have to think for yourself!
it looks much cleaner thanks to the mod no more annoying symbols and you can now make your own thoughts about whether the enemy was hit or whether something is behind the door. those shit hit markers and symbols everywhere destroy everything and the developers should have built in options themselves so that you can turn that off

if you have any  questions  let me  know.

programms  used
JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler for  the .gfx files
Mafia Toolkit for the .dsd files
Photoshop + Nvidia dds plugin for developers. for the .dss files