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Adds a new reception from the "???" reception with obtainable keypages and combat pages

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WARNING: Contain endgame content. Read and download at your own risk. Although I'm sure you're already spoiled due to the mod name and image.

How to install: Put the zip files into (gamedata)\LibraryOfRuina_Data\BaseMods.
How to invite: Has completed the "???" reception, use Book of Olivier, Book of Lobotomy Corporation, Book of Something in next line after the "???" reception.

You can now obtain the Head keypages and combat pages after defeating them, and the battle is no longer scripted. They don't have much passives to begin with so they have been revamped/changed a bit.

There's 10 floor available for the reception. So you can use any floor to your hearts content.

While this battle might sounds exciting, this is intended for epilogue. Meaning the closing of the game. Just like how day 49 is harder than day 50 in LC.