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Unofficial modding tools for Library of Ruina

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WARNING: BaseMods is currently not complete. There will be more improvement as Project Moon release more game updates, back up your savefiles before starting to modding.

IMPORTANT: You cannot mod from Managed folder for the time being, create a new folder inside BaseMods for making new mods.

BaseMods is a  modding tool for Library of Ruina. Allows you to edit the game data to your hearts content. This includes game sprites, card, books, sephira name, etc. It is now possible to add your own custom story.

How to install : Put all folder into (gamedata)\LibraryOfRuina_Data
How to mod: Make a new folder inside (gamedata)\BaseMods\YourModsName. More info about modding can be read below.

Back up your saves first to avoid losing progress when mods are not working. And make sure you run the game at least once to allow BaseMods extract the current language you are playing at. The game files are stored in txt extension on (gamedata)/LibraryOfRuina_data/Managed/BaseMod

Advanced modding such as making custom battles with custom skin will requires C# knowledge with Harmony patch.

If you had question or would like to know more regarding modding the game. Feel free to join us on our Discord server.