Legend of Grimrock 2

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Open world adventure for a new party. 20+ levels. Lots of secrets, puzzles and bosses. Quests and shops included.

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In search of a legendary elixir of youth, you hired a ship and set sail to the unknown waters of the Storm sea...

Open world adventure for a new party. Contains 20+ levels, one of wich is some sort of a town (quests, shop, etc.). Lots of secrets, puzzles and bosses. 3 different endings and 2 "secret" ways to win.
Expected playtime: 30-45 hours.

Few hints:
- Mod is quite challenging, it is recommended to choose easy or normal difficulty setting. Choose hard difficulty at your own risk >;)
- Alchemy and Air Magic skills can come in handy.
- The most obvious way is not always the easiest one.
- If the opponent is too strong - postpone this battle and look for weaker rivals.
- Try to save part of the consumables, they will be very useful in the later stages of the game.
- Watch for food supplies, characters can die of hunger.