Knights of the Old Republic II

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Texture overhaul of every character and equipment piece in the game.

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Mod Includes:

- HD Textures for every character ( playable and unplayable ) in the game, that includes aliens, droids and other creatures;
- HD Textures for every male and female equipment in the game.

         ESRGAN with a combination of different models was used for upscaling.

REDUX Version improvements:
 - All textures were remade completely and now look better;
 - No more transparency issues. Transparency Fix is not needed anymore;
- Better compression method, reduced overall mod size.

(Not recommended)


Just drop .tga files into Override folder in your Knights of the Old Republic II directory.
Difference between TGA and TPC versions:
Basically, TGA are uncompressed texture files while TPC are compressed. But compressed doesn't mean worse, they look identical to TGA files while being way smaller and offering better performance. By default all KOTOR textures are in TPC format which BioWare made specifically for their games. Also if you have TGA and TPC files with identical names in your Override folder, TPC files always take priority, so keep that in mind if you use many texture mods.
For compatibility patches:
Install in that order: UCO -> [Required mod] -> Compatibility patch (Overwrite if asked).
If you are using TGA version of UCO, simply install the patch and overwrite when asked.
If you are using TPC version, you may have to delete duplicate TPC files. You can have two version of the same texture in TGA and TPC formats in your Override folder, however TPC always takes priority. So if you are using TPC version of UCO it will null all TGA character mods you have installed. So you have to delete TPC files that share names with TGA files for them to work properly. You can use Remove Duplicate TGA-TPC.
Also keep in mind that not using compatibility patch won't break your game in any way, all they do is improve mod texture quality to be on par with UCO.

KOTOR Version

- Ultimate Character Overhaul -REDUX-
- Ultimate High Resolution Texture Pack
- Ultimate Nar Shaddaa High Resolution
- Ultimate Onderon High Resolution
- Ultimate Dantooine High Resolution
- Ultimate Korriban High Resolution
- Ultimate Dxun High Resolution
- Ultimate Malachor V High Resolution

Fred Tetra - KOTOR TOOL.