Knights of the Old Republic II

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Simple Reshade presets.

Mod includes three versions of the graphical settings: for latest Reshade 4.9.1 and two for Reshade 3.4.

Permissions and credits
Latest version (tested on Reshade 4.9.1) include these effects:
MXAO, Clarity, Curves, Debanding, DPX, FakeHDR, Flair, Levels, RadiantGI (PCGI_One and PCGI_Two), Smart_Sharp, SSR, Tonemap
Also the preset has disabled DepthHaze and ADOF options. DepthHaze add a distance fog (good for Nar'Shaddaa, M4-78 and Malachor V). quint_ADOF is very adaptive and quality depth-of-field effect. You can activate them manually.
Turn off realtime screen spacing reflections (SSR) if you have a very glossy natural ground.

Installing instructions:
1. Download latest Reshade from offsite (There is a link under the Requirements spoiler).
2. Install Reshade to Kotor2 folder with swkotor2.exe (You need also check install matched standard, sweetFX, qUINT, AstrayFX, and OtisFX effects).
3. Put these presets in the Kotor2 folder.
4. Run the game, type Shift+F2 Home and select prefered preset.

!!! Only for Reshade 3.0-3.4 !!!
Realistic_Kotor_v1 - MXAO, AdaptiveSharpen, AdaptiveFog, AmbientLight, Curves, DPX, Levels
Realistic_Kotor_v2 - AdaptiveSharpen, AmbientLight, Clarity, Curves, DPX, FilmicPass, Levels

Info for modders:
I tested the OpenGL accuracy status of several sets of Reshade_4.9.1 effects on the Radeon RX580
+Standard effects
+SweetFX by
+qUINT by MartyMcFly
+Color effects by prod80
+Depth3D by BlueSkyDefender
+AstrayFX by BlueSkyDefender
+OtisFX by Otis Inf
-Shaders by brussell
+reshade-shaders by Daodan
+fubax-shaders by Fubaxiusz
+-Insane-Shaders by Lord of Lunacy
+-FXShaders by luluco250
-CorgiFX by originalnicodr
-reshade-shaders by Radegast
+Legacy standard effects