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  1. Ebonhuak
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    it kinda sucks

  2. User_47339953
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    Won't even start
    1. Slendy2
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      Dose it need an update?
  3. joopityjoop
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    When I run kmm.exe, nothing happens.
    When I run kmm.exe in admin mode, nothing happens.

    Actually, something does happen: it freezes my file explorer window so I have to use Task manager to get out of it.
  4. Lukong1515
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    So how to Use this Mod Manager...(Link is dead). If the Source Code was available I'm pretty sure someone would update it, as TSLPatcher isn't a Mod Manager, but a Mod Installer Only (You can't use the Patcher to Uninstall Mods)

    If you have a mod in a .zip, .rar or .7z > Extract it to a Folder > Keep the Mod files in the Lowest Folder and Support Files in the Higher Folder (as KMM will add your Support files too)
    Example = build a lightsaber v2
    1. Extracted (Using 7zip) from .zip (Right-Click on .zip > Z7ip > Extract to Folder)

    2. Outcome
    = "build_a_lightsaber_v2" folder >>> "build a lightsaber V2.0" subfolder
    ====CONTENT==== .ncs, .dlg, Readme.txt & source folder

    3. MOVE OPTIONAL or EXTRA FOLDERs UP AND LEAVE EVERYTHING -tga, 2da- ELSE (If you leave for Optional its a problem cause 2 files will overwrite each other, IF THE MOD IS LIKE megareskin by ECCE then choose a file -readme- above to select everything in sub folders)

    4. If its your first time Using KMM it will ask for where the game is and if you already did choose and are having trouble delete the confg file in KMM folder
    Make sure this is how the Path you copy looks (Don't include Override or \ in front of C:\
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Knights of the Old Republic II\

    5. In KMM > Add Mod > Navigate to Mod Folder where the Files are (If its TSLpatchdata go there) > Choose any file > Open > Rename Mod Name (Copy from Readme, .7z/.zip/.rar or top folder cause KMM gets them wrong)

    6. Click > Add the Mod, use MOD/SUP to change a File from MOD to Support File and versa (I seeing as Description doesn't do anything unless there is a "Readme" (Some authors have REEDME, KMM should look for rtf & txt instead of READ me) > Activate Mod (And the ChalkBoard/CMD will show files being copied)
    1. Her515
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      I'm sure this thread is dead but I'm actually brand new to modding kotor 1 lol i felt nostalgic and decided to fire it up again only to find there are mods! I'm an avid skyrim modder and have made a few mods also, but i cant get this mod manager to work, every time i try to activate a mod it says the file .2da etc already exists, is this a limitation of this mod manager? Should I just use the tsl patcher?
  5. DragonRiderOmaga
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    I am so lost for modding for kotor 2. I done kotor 1 fine but way to many mods and conflicts with kotor 2. Game was not working and idk what mod was causing it as it was random so uninstalled everything. 175 mods
  6. Lukong1515
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    If mods conflicts while ACTIVATING, choose which mod files you want to keep from which mod and navigate to Mod Folder in explorer (from where your installing from) Right-Click on File (You'll know which files cause of KMM Status) > 7zip > Add to .zip > Delete the file that isn't zip
    When in KMM delete mod and then add mod > Choose same mod (Cause the extension is different KMM won't see the file)

    Wishlist for Kotor Mod Manager Updates
    - ".kmm" files have ".txt" or ".ini" extension instead for easier opening
    - When Open "kmm.exe" for first time > Choosing directory > Use Kotor.exe vs Folder also Allow Users to choose which game they have
    - Install from .zip, .rar, .7z and put Mod's Folder in KMM directory with metadata

    Mod Management
    - Have TSLPatcher Support by being able to use the "change.ini" in tslpatcherdata Folder of Mod and TSLPatcher to properly put all files were they belong (Cause I notice changes.ini doesn't put everything in the OVERRIDE Folder)
    - In Manager: All Files to be sorted by extension and folder (.txt/.rtf = Support/Description, .ini = Support/Config, Duplicate Files in Mod Folder = Mod/Optional, .wav =Mod/Sound/Voice, .2da =Mod/Appearance/Baseitems, etc)
    - When an Option file is Activated then its switched with the Mod File
    - Add Function to open "MOD" Files with Tools
    - When KMM Status appears showing Conflicting Files > Choose if the Mod being Installed overwrites or the Mod already Installed keeps its files, Multi-Select by Drag & Highlight, Checkbox or All/None > Continue/Cancel

    Application Interface
    - Left-Click on Mod's Name (w/ver) under In/Active Mod's Name to In/Activate via "Checkbox", Double-Click to Expand/Collapse
    - Right Click on Mod's Name (w/ver) under In/Active Mods for Menu > Rename (And change Version), Update, Info= Open .txt/rtf, Config=Open .ini, Open Location & Author
    - Create Group can also Ungroup a Group (Select Group -Create Group changes to Ungroup- > Click Ungroup)
    - Remove: De/Activate Mod Button, Deactivate All, "Inactive/active mods" from inside box (or Hide)
    - Change: Expand Icon to Checkbox, Rename "Inactive/Active mods:" to Deactivated/Activated Mods or Rename "Inactive/Deactivated" to Uninstalled and "Active/Activated" to Installed, Rename "Add/Remove Mod" to Install/Uninstall Mod
    - Add/Delete Mod as 1 Button: Left-Click =Add, Right-Click = Delete
    - Double-Click on "Inactive/Active mods:" over In/Active Mods Box to De/Activate all Mods
    - Expand > Change "Files" to "Mod Files" > use Separators for File Path or File Type
    - Support Files get there own Sub like Mod Files called "Support Files" > use Separators for Info & Config
    - Files that are Optional, or Useless get their own Sub like Mod files called "Optional Files" & "Other Files"
    - Place all Buttons in between In/Activate Mods Box
    - Double Click Kotor1 or Kotor2 to Launch Game and Right-Click to Change Paths
    - Place Expand/Checkbox icon more to Left and sub Expand icons at the beginning of Mod Name
    - Drag & Drop Files to Install
    - Drag mouse over Mod List to Multi-Select
    - Drag & Drop within Mod List to Move Mod List around
  7. Lukong1515
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    For those who decide to get a Mod that use its own version of TSLPatcher and have Steam and want a faster way of installing mods and a Larger Mod Database for Kotor2.

    (For Windows 7 Users) Add your Game Folder to Library so don't have to navigate through Steam to find Kotor2 Folder (Look for Lukong's Answer)

    Sadly they seem not to be as organize as NexusMods, but the Amount of Mods are Great.

    PS. I tried to use KMM and it really didn't workout and TSLPatcher itself doesn't uninstall Mods for Users, other than that I can't post this on NexusMods "Posts" for TSLPatcher.
  8. TorNyan
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    It says "Latest version: 1.0", In the file section it says version 1.3 and in the readme it says 0.4.
  9. Zagafon
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    On the downloads page, instead of displaying KMM, it displays 'Cinematic Lighting Effects'. I thought you should know, because it is damn confusing. Thanks.
  10. syentism
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    Does this Mod Manager or any mods at all for that matter, work for Mac OS version of KOTOR 1? Appstore version.