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Revises the opening of the game, so that the player may begin as a Jedi Apprentice, in a seamless, lore-friendly manner. Removes all fourth wall breaking tutorial messages from the game.

Permissions and credits


Upon starting the game, instead of Trask waking the player, you will be presented with new dialogue options to potentially select a Jedi Class.
You may choose to remain as your base class, and become a Jedi on Dantooine as normal, if you wish.

If you choose to become a Jedi, you will immediately level up, and be able to acquire your new feats and powers.
Starting equipment has been adjusted, and will be generated after this level up, allowing your new feats and skills to be accounted for.
Jedi characters are given a crystal in their footlocker, and can build a Lightsaber at the workbench. They choose its style and color there.

You then proceed through the Endar Spire sequence as normal, albeit without Trask. Out of character tutorial messages have all been removed.
Jedi characters will have a new Lightsaber duel, and recieve additional items.

Early dialogues with party members and NPC's have been adjusted to accurately reflect whether the player is a Jedi or not.
Additional Force Persuade checks have been added to many of the characters found throughout Taris.
A new path to purchase T3-M4 before completing the Swoop Race, through a Force Persuade check, has been added. This is available to non-Jedi through Persuade as well.

Upon arriving on Dantooine, the opening dialogue with the council is altered slightly.
The inital training sections, from the Jedi Code to Lightsaber construction is removed, and the player is immediately tasked to Cleanse the Tainted Grove.
After this point the game proceeds as normal, without major alterations.

If the player chooses not to become a Jedi at the start of the game, then very little changes, besides the removal of Trask and tutorial messages.
On Dantooine, a non-Jedi player will be able to construct a Double-bladed or Short Lightsaber, and choose the color of their lightsaber freely.
They will also be given an Apprentice robe after constructing a Lightsaber.


Run the installer.exe file. If you are on Linux or Mac, appropriate HoloPatcher installers can be found on DeadlyStream.

If updating from a version from before v4.0.0, you must reinstall your game to properly uninstall the mod. You cannot install this mod on top of an old version.
You must start a new game after updating to this version. The mod has been substantially reworked.

See the docs folder for more information.


Most mods should be compatible, unless they make major edits to the Endar Spire, Taris NPC dialogue, or Dantooine Jedi Training.
Recommended ModsSpecial Thanks/Acknowledgements
  • Talchia and Achilles for the original Padawan mods that inspired this one.
  • KOTOR Tool – Fred Tetra
  • DeNCS – JdNoa & Dashus
  • DLGEditor – tk102
  • K-GFF – tk102
  • TSL Patcher – stoffe
  • KotOR Scripting Tool - Blue
  • Holocron Toolset and HoloPatcher – Cortisol & th3w1zard1
Other LinksJedi from the Start by darthbdaman is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0