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Gameplay mod that allows more freedom in combat with faster combo cancel

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Gameplay mod that allows more freedom in combat with faster combo cancel.

List of Change

Patch 2.00 (28/3/2022)
Change most of form change attacks cancel frames, (X button attack only) including
- Second Form (all variation)
- Counter Shield/Frying Pan
- Double Arrowguns/Hunny Blaster
- Magic Launcher/Hunny Launcher
- Hyper Hammer/Boom Hammer
- Drill Punch/Clock Drill
- Mirage Staff
- Agile Claws/Blizzard Claws
- Twin Yo-yo
- Blizzard Blade
- Highwind
- Storm Flag
- Nano Arms
- Ultimate Form
- Light/Dark Form
- Double Form
- Rage Form
A few experimental changes are included, such as double arrow guns finisher shot, double staff projectile, and Drill finisher early hitbox.

* Attack from the above enemy could potentially cause Sora to fall to the ground, there is no easy fix without a huge amount of work, try doing the next attack of the combo quickly is a soft fix for now.

Patch 1.00
Triple Rush
- Increase tracking
- Add hitbox around the first 5 frames (can only hit at very close range)
Change the following attacks cancel frames
- Default Moveset
- Ground Overhead
- Ground Stab
- Ground Horizontal Sweep
- Upper Slash
- Aerial Overhead
- Aerial Gap-closer
- Aerial Horizontal Sweep
- Roll down attack (The one you guys don't like)
- Ground Finisher
- Aerial Finisher
- Speed Slash
- Triple Rush
- Magic Flash
- Quick Slash
- Flash Step
- Radical Blast
- Aerial Sweep
- Aerial Dive
- Last Charge
- Flowmotion attack
- Sonic Slash
- Sonic Cleave
* The frames that each attack can cancel are different, In most case, it can be canceled at the first frame hitbox is active

The future version will change other formchange attacks in a similar manner

Custom moves can be found separately in my mod collection

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