Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Tough enemies ambush point.

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This is a saved game in which if you load you will get ambushed by tough enemies.

In Save 2618 it's bandit ambush point. Mutt will start to growl. I got them by chance at night at first, and they're equipped with dog....the 2nd time, no dog....

In Save 2627 Peasants Ambush. Don't underestimate them, you've been warned....

Mod that I use is :

Cheat Mod : Bianka's Ring ---> My Henry is not using it...his Horse is.
Minimal Hud
Alternate Food Spoil

I choose to upload this Mod, because I want to share the biggest point of my KCD game. I can't manage to defeat them using conventional meaning...I use Stealth and horse mounted Archery to defeat this enemies...

Maybe those Youtubers like Tar Naugrim, or Halcylion, or Sexy Biscuits will be able to point me in the right direction of how to defeat them using conventional means...