Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Adds three sets of barding for your trusty steed.

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A full DLC sized mod!  Well, according to Todd Howard anyway.

Fully compliant with KCD 1.9.2
Current Version:  2.2
Last Updated: 
August 26th, 2019

What's New in the 2.2 Update:

*All horse gear can be repaired using an armorer's kit

*All caparisons now have the same stats

*Leather barding texture has been replaced with a less crap one.

Mod Features:

This adds three sets of armored  barding for your mount; mail, leather, and half-mail.  They replace three of the horse caparisons in game and can be purchased from the armorer in Sassau.  After installing you must wait until the merchants reset before they become available.

Mail Barding:

*Slash defense:   15
*Stab Defense:    15
*Crush defense:  10

*Weight:  25 lbs.

*Cost 3,500

*Durability 250

Leather Barding:

*Slash defense:   10
*Stab Defense:    9
*Crush defense:  5

*Weight:  15 lbs.

*Cost 1,500

*Durability 100

Half-Mail Barding:

*Slash defense:   15
*Stab Defense:    15
*Crush defense:  10

*Weight:  12 lbs.

*Cost 1,750

*Durability 250

Recommended:  I also have a mod that removes the manes from horses (called No Manes on Horses boringly enough) which will make the horse armors in this mod look much better.  You can find it HERE.


After installing you will have to wait until the shops reset for the armor to become available.

Modified Files:


Replaced caparison Item IDs:

Mail:  40a5de5a-d3a5-c4c3-f5f1-71ab661d55b4

Leather:  4849903a-5dd2-e0b8-bfd0-2e599509c68e

Half-Mail:  473709c6-2b26-5d05-57cf-50e4d6fceaa7

*Texture only version available

This mod is included in Blood and Iron Overhaul which can be found HERE.

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