About this mod

Mod changes rendering method for ALL particles in Kenshi and SPEEDS UP the game substantially in the process! NO, mod is not reducing particle effects...

Permissions and credits
General information

Idea is to simply make game faster without making visuals worse by altering the scripts around particle system
as well as reformatting and decompressing various particle files.  This mod is able to lower GPU usage without affecting visuals negatively. 

PSO should drastically outperform clones thanks to unique coding and replace of original textures

in this mod we change rendering method and loading method for textures by utilizing DirectDraw Surface format in DXT compression, this allow my new textures to stays compressed in your memory and be used WELL... directly without deciphering (unlike vanilla formats), on top of that my images are easier to use by GPU which improve loading
Scripts ware accommodated to support new formats and installer is making sure you got the right folders in the right place
 - Mod result in giant performance boost for loading new zones, traveling thru the map, using game speed settings, rotating camera
- This also improve performance of mods that add or edit particle effects

- New textures should presence no difference in visuals as long as played use in-game FXAA (comparing flat textures next to each other - specially when they have high res, might reveal differences)
For example: this is ash flake in ashland, in full resolution

- yes, left one is mine (1.1) (you can download both and check sizes on drive vs resolution)
- Right one is also mine (2.0) i honestly even with zoom 400% can't see much there

Mod works with all the other mods due to its unique coding.  Alongside with Optimization and Broken data cleanup, this is just FREE performance mod.  It does not cost the game on the visual side while providing benefits from using it.

Installation instruction (installer)
- Download mod
- unpack it inside kenshi.exe location which can be anywhere.  For steam its usually                                                                   C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Kenshi
- Run Particle fix installer
- Installer will guide you thru the process.
- Done, you can run the game now!
Installer update (quick note)

Installation method 2 (manual installation)

De-Installation method:

Future plans and ideas:
- Plans so far was executed perfectly
- mod has updated and smooth installer with backup, localization check and faster and cleaner process
- File handling is much better and cleaner in current revision 3.0
- Mod is also slightly better performing compared to 1.1 and 2.0+ versions
- i honestly think this mod is as good as it can be if we wanna be faithful to original game and just improve it
- Take a rest, be better person, enjoy the game, work on something else for a break.
- i got new hobby: Collecting Endorsements 


According to my research, this format in current form is as far as optimization of the graphical side of the mod goes!