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  • Russian
Clothes have stats
Food & Medic is stackable
Iron/Copper ore mine can hold a stack of 50
Max. opperators changed to 5 
Small Iron/Copper , max opperators changed to 2
Backpacks stackmultiplicator increases with size (S:5x ; M:10x ; L:15x)
Animal Skin/Teeth/Claw/Horn stack 5x
Books stack 5x
Adds raw meat to some creatures, or set the amount higher. Reduce amount of foul meat.
Changed Half Eaten Ancient Book Icon (New Icon)
Bolts stack 5x
New Items:
+ New Limbs: Steady Arm (right) & Thief's arm (left) - buyable
+ Farmers Notebook: Buyable, Lootable 
+ New Skeleton Repair Kits: Simple Skeleton Repair kits , Machine Creature Repair Kit
+ New low Value First Aid Kit: Simple First Aid Kit
Gameplay Changes
Sold NPC Slaves gives 600 Cats (Before 400 Cats)
Some Shopkeeper have more stuff & money
Recruitment Limit: 256 / Squad Size 50 / max Squads 20
Darker Nights
Sunrise and Sunset changed
More & higher bountys
Showing hair when wearing iron hat/straw hat/bandan
3x Attack slots 
Starvation changed, eat more often
New Names
Enhanced Building categories 
Regional Trade Cultures 
Factions & Squads
+ Outpostguards can longer be hired (added 10 days, 20 days, a month)
+ Bodyquard can longer be hired( added 3 and 4 days)
+ Multiracial (added Hive & Scorchlander)
+ Bowman 
+ Squad: Mercanary rookies 
More Recruits:
+ Hive
+ Shek
+ Scorchlander
Unique Hive Race:
+ Banished Hive Prince
+ Banished Hive Worker
+ Banished Hive Soldier
+ Banished Hive Queen
Unique Recruits Details:
Multiracial Empire Factions, Rebel Farmers & Slaves (added Shek,Hive,Scorchlanders)
Rebel Farmes got diffrent colored vests
Civilians have names
66 new technologies
43 technolgies edited
Tech Level 7
+ 24 Technologies
+ New Resources
+ Stone [Foliage] is a resource
+ Craftable Ration Packs
+ Craftable Large Ration Packs
+ Fishing 
New Cropfarms: 
+ 9  Crops
Animal Food:
+ Carnivore Pellets (Raw Meat) / (Raw Fish)
+ Herbivore Pellets (Wheatstraw) / (Raw Corn)
Craftable Research-Stuff:
Dyeing System:
+ Synthetic Leather
+ Pottery Trade goods
+ Tin & Copper Trade goods
+ Bronze
+ Craftable Backpacks
+ Lantern Crafting
+ Vanilla Storages (Stack 100x)
+ Small Storages (Stack 25x)
+ Animal Feeder (Pellets)
+ Separated Food & Crops storages
+ Sheds
+ RepKits-Crate
+ Travellers Medicrate
Resources & Resource Processing:
+ Indoor Refinerys
+ Indoor Wells I - VI
+ Copper Ore Drill I - IV
+ Iron Ore Drill IV
+ Copper Refinery I - IV (Copper Ingot)
+ Tin Ore Drill I - IV
+ Tin Refinery I - IV 
+ Hybrid Ore Drill I - III
+ Hybrid Copper Drill I - III (Copper Ingot)
+ Wells IV - VI
Training Dummy MKI (Train up to 10)
Training Dummy MKII (Train up to 20)
Training Dummy MKIII (Train up to 30)
+ Barbell (Train up STR to 20)
Food Processing:
+ Manual Grinder & Oil Press
+ Sugar Processor
+ Chocolate Processor
+ Soy & Corn Grain Silo variants
+ Cabbage
+ Cactus
+ Corn
+ Mushroom
+ Poppies
+ Soybean
+ Cotton
Adv. Hydroponics (Larger sized field)
+ Cabbage
+ Cactus
+ Corn
+ Greenfruit
+ Hemp
+ Mushrooms
+ Poppies
+ Riceweed
+ Soybean
+ Wheatstraw
+ Cotton
Small Research Bench II - VII
Leather Storage changed mesh
Metal Chest stack 5x
Bread oven renamed to oven, changed function to same like cooking stove for bakery products.
Research Bench max. 3 operators
New Starts
Bugfixes & Game fixes
+ Slave trader bug removed, he didnt buy carryied slaves, when he carrys one.
+ Southern Hive Queen Textures to Queen of the South (ACC based Textures)
+ Enslaved Outlaw AI Fix for stop them waiting in front of a town
+ Small Resources are small
Wildlife Diversity
Adds new textures and stronger creatures.
Citizen Changes
Citizen buy pottery and metalware.
Citizen wears colored clothes
Citzen wears backpacks
Adds Greenlander children
Adds Scorchlander children
Extended Building Variation
Adds new textures to all Houses by adding new stone resources.
Adds hive huts and new textures to them, added also clay.
Reduced saturation (Blue):
Reduced saturation (Green):
Rewards & Quest Item System
- License: Large Ration Packs
- License: Slave Traders
- Bounty Bonus (100 cats per 10 relations)
- Reward Technologies - Quest
--More will come--
Recruitable System
Animal Backpacks
- Animal Bags with Mesh for all animals
- Special Animal Bags for Alpha Animals
- Thieves Animal Bags
Compatibility Patches
Better Crop Fences (by Athauxan)
Military craft & AOM:Crafting
External Muscle Suit (by nanO.bytez)
More Combat Animation
More Building - Bookcrafting Fix 
Hives Expanded
Interactive World
Iron Skimmer
Special : Animation Compatibility Collection 
Other changes
NARC: (by nanO.bytez) 
Hive Scenario Series:
Banished Hive unlocker:
Albino Shek unlocker:
More Alphas 3x:
Simple book crafting & more books at vendor:
Cannibalz (by WaKKO151):
Hard Mode Moduls
Russian Translation by WolfGunt:
German Translation:
Chinese Translation by 夏洛克姓夏  & 夏洛克不姓夏: