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Forwards along the changes from "Lights Tweak" to the MKII lighting found in "General Modifications".

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Lights Tweak GenMod Patch v1.0
by Ruhadre

Very simple patch that forwards along the changes from "Lights Tweak" to the MKII lighting found in "General Modifications".
*Also correctly allows the ceiling fan lamp to upgrade to it's MKII version
Please see both mod pages for what each mod does specifically.

v1.0 based on Lights Tweak 1.7 and General Modifications 238/239


Lights Tweak by bee.
General Modifications by 


Download above required files and this one.
Unzip and place mod files with their folder directories into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kenshi\mods
This patch must be loaded AFTER both Lights Tweak and General Modifications in order to work properly.


This should be highly compatible, as this mod isn't adding anything new, just patches the 2 mods to work together.

Please do not ask, "Is this compatible with...?"  That can only be verified by comparing the changes with the FCS.  I'm fairly new to Kenshi and not aware of everything out there.  If you'd like to post a confirmation on compatibility, that would greatly be appreciated!

Thanks for checking out my work.  I hope you like it!

If you enjoy the work being done here, then feel free to leave an endorsement  ^_^


Special Thanks to bee and Seelenschwarz, as this patch would not have been possible without their great work!