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This MOD fixed some crashes and alert broken save-file.

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** Description **
This MOD fixed some crashes and alert broken save-file.
- Generate Animation-Crash fix patch automatically.
- check whether the last save normally ended, and display a warning if there is a problem.

Before 1.0.41:
- CTD when carrying a dead body or a fainting person
Of course, I would like official developer to correct these, and I would be happy if these would be helpful.

** Install **
Copy all files in the archive into the Kenshi installation folder (the folder where kenshi_x64.exe is located).
If it has been installed successfully, a beep will sound immediately after startup (before the MOD menu window appears).
The startup sound may not sound on some PCs, but it works if "_kenshi_fix1.log" was generated.

This mod create patches to fix crashes in MODs that add animation automatically.
#### Please activate "-KCF autogenerated patch-" at the bottom of the MOD selection screen. ####
The contents of the patch are to copy the animation file in the wrong path to the correct path, and to correct the link in the MOD to the copied file.
The list of modified MODs is output in the description of the patch and "_kenshi_fix1.log".

** Uninstall **
Delete all installed files (dinput8.dll, _kenshi_fix1.asi, _kenshi_fix1.ini, _kenshi_fix1.log).