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So as you know Kenshi has a decent amount of unique recruits that unfortunately has little to no unique dialogues beside their names or their recruit dialogues. I made this mod in mind for myself and friends personally at first, and thought, why not shared to others people of the interwebs as well? So I expended it over a bit.

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Majority of the unique vanilla recruits have their own special dialogues (such as defeating someone or applying first aid) as well as added some biome entry dialogues by unique characters. For instanced, Griffin can now say prayers in the most unholy of lands (to the annoyance of his non-holy companions), Infinite Wingwang twice more eccentric as ever (referring himself in third person), and many more etc etc.

Some characters are basically carbon-copy of each other so I tried to freshen out their personalities and change them few a bit. The dialogues are kept as lore friendly as possible, anything that might seem out of place, do let me know.

Tldr; What this mod gives: More unique personalities with unique biome banters. As well as added unique npcs (most non-recruitable) that gives more life to the background and faction. 

Added in lite and purists edition! Lite for being, well light on being new additional things added such as bounty npcs, and purists for being dialogues only.


Spreadsheet of those affected by this mod:

Yes, that is a Jojo picture/reference.

Highly recommended the Recruitable Prisoners mod to go with this as more bounty characters will be added.

This mod is incompatible with any mod that changes player dialogue pack. This mod should be compatible (provided you load last) with DialoguePlus+,  Hippity hoppity you're now my property...
As for the Odyssey Overhaul, there is an outdated version of M.U.D. included but if you want the current up to date version, put More Unique Dialogue ABOVE the overhaul. Note, Odyssey Overhaul does not work with the lite and purists version.