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This mod replaces textures in JWE to give it a more realistic and screen accurate look.

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Update 4.5 May 11! Smaller update. Grassy mud is back!

First to clarify, I'm using Reshade to make the game sharper, more vibrant and brighter in the shadows.
This is my preset https://www.nexusmods.com/jurassicworldevolution/mods/297

This mod replaces textures in JWE to give it a more realistic look. 


Ground - new grass, dirt, sand, shrub and rock textures
Rock - new rock mesh texture (works especially good with the Environment Re-work mods higher rez meshes
Bushes - no more flowers and bright green bushes, they are now all shades of darker green and extra detail added by baking in some shadows
Grass - thinner grass
Trees - slightly earthier green and extra detail added
Water - new normal maps giving new look
Paths - no more pale asphalt. Adjusted to match asphalt around buildings. New fancy path
Banners - Banners for gyrosphear, aviary, creation lab have been added
Posters - new officiall artwork outside viewing platforms and monorail stations
Signs - the bar now has the name "Winstons" as in the movie (a nod to Stan Winston, original creator of the JP 1,2,3 animatronics)
And last but not least, a Coca Cola vending machine

Place the content of the .rar-file here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution

Update 4. May 10! Rework of most of the foliage and ground textures.

UPDATE 3.0!!! Isla Pena is now included. I have tried giving it amore volcanic look. Tweaked versions of most of the 2.0 textures are also included with proper normal- and specular maps. Lastly I colorcorrected the paths to match my mod and the difference between JP93 and JW a bit. No more pale grey asphalt.

UPDATE! Tweaked brightness of foliage to match eachother better. 3D grass pop in is made invisible. Also new rock textures with corrected normals for an awesome 3D effect. This is version 2.0. More to come!

Other mods in screenshots:
Environment Re-Work mod, required to have the rock shapes featured in the screnshots
Atlasaurus mod
Jurassic Park Expansion Pack
Jurassic World Revolution
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AOG Edmontosaurus Annectens
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