Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

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About this mod

- Reworked all pixels in game (3096 textures)
- HD\4K resolution support
- Engine fixes
- Engine shadows maps fixed
- Integrated RS
- Sound engine fixes
- Restored EAX (for any hardware)
- Restored dismemberment for all enemies

Permissions and credits
Known issues:
- First cinematic intro "Lucasarts" not play, if you use custom resolution (white screen)
- Visible texture seam on some sky (original game bugs, all game series on quake 3 engine)
(So, please don't report it: check it on vanilla game)

- (!) Blank screen while loading save file
Simple reason: Game should show 'screenshot' from save file, but if you use custom resolution game can't show this 'screenshot', because it made with unsupported dimensions (maybe later i'll make a fix for it)


1) Install: OpenAL: Cross Platform 3D Audio (OpenAL 1.1 Windows Installer)
2) Download and unpack 'Game Data' (place all PK3 files to GameData\base)
(!) For steam version: find and copy steam.exe to GameData folder!
- Optional: place PK3 Russian sound and text
3) Place SW2_Remaster_Launcher.exe to GameData (you can launch it from any place and it will show your game folder)
4) Updates (if present)
5) Change resolution in SW2_Remaster.ini
By default:
[GAME RESOLUTION = 1920 1080
] ;Screen resolution Width Height (do not use in game settings for it!)
5) Run game via SW2_Remaster_Launcher.exe

 - dismemberment and cheats start work after second game launch or loading save (some technical reasons)

If you use deprecated Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast - add game folder to exclusion
(false positive to any code injectors)

My other projects:
Fallout3\NV\TTW Remasters

TES-4: Oblivion Remaster

Have fun :)