Fallout New Vegas
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About this mod

Not modified original + all dlc textures (4x upscaled)

Permissions and credits
A lot Original NV textures is poor color and low detail. Any upscaling can't help with some of it and it not change very bad textures to good. (There are no miracles)
Generally with this textures game look much better!
(*) I recommend this pack as base platform, because it contains all original textures. Than, over it you can install any liked texture pack.

Base textures format:
b4g4r4a4; b8g8r8a8; Bc1(a)-3

<QWhat different this pack from other?
1) All dds files is equal to original format and has original compression (also: image type in dds container)
2) Corrected upscaled alpha channels
3) Corrected upscaled normal maps (no heights issues)
5) Seamless textures, after segmentation
(I implemented a full seamless texture segmentation technique, to bypass the VRAM limitation for  pytorch neural net + cuda)

<QSome textures not upscaled? 
1) Textures, that size < 64x64 not upscaled and not include to texture pack
2) Also skipped textures from folders : interface  (UI textures is strict size)

<Q>Used software?
I don't use any software for upscaling  available on  internet.
Only my custom software + (cuda,  pytorch and my custom neural net model)

<QNew Vegas use all this textures?
No,  but NV use Fallout-Textures.bsa\Fallout-Textures2.bsa and i don't know what exactly textures it using (it possible with full analyze FalloutNV.esm and all NV meshes, i don't have time for it)
- So this pack is universal for both games F3 and NV (it seems good) <<<

Other texture mod:

Fix lags and freezing
NVTF\F3TF (recommend)

(!) *_Stutter_Remover.ini
bHookCriticalSections = 0
bHookLightCriticalSections = 0
To fix black textures and prevent CTD's you should use ENBOOST or ENB (bypass 32bit VRAM addressing engine limit)
Recommend to use a WrapperVersion:
(!) If you use NVSE (script extender) http://nvse.silverlock.org/
Disable "ExpandSystemMemoryX64 = True" (enblocal.ini set it to false)
(!) Also you can use any presetted ENB from nexus
Archive Invalidation require after installing pack!

Use  Archive Invalidation function in your Mod Manager (disable then enable it again)
(!) If you don't do it - you get some textures from ...data\textures directory and some from bsa (vanilla) in game!
-> Don't forget about this!
Just unpack and place to f3\nv data (...data\textures)
(!) Use latest winrar version to unpack (128mb dictionary used) or 7z